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Introducing… the Astonishing A$$holes

As artist It’s always fun to see a dramatic new take on an existing character or concept. Some are official like the upcoming X-Men: First Class movie, or in-comics revamps like DC’s Blue Beetle or Marvel’s upcoming “Age of X” series. But with the freedom of the internet, any artist can get into the fray and crank off an off-the-wall take on their favorite character. You might have seem what Dean Trippe and I encourage over at, but this next batch of art is something entirely more extreme.

Over the last few months a ragtag group of illustrators, concept artists and 3d modelers have been doing some sketchjams with unique takes on different characters that have riled up the internet. From their “badass” Pixar characters to their brilliant revamp of two Nintendo stalwarts, this group has really let out their inner fanboys meet their outer art professionals. And now they’re taking on Marvel’s X-Men with… the Astonishing A$$holes.

Jorge Lacera explains, “our basic idea is taking the X-men and really fulfiling on the promise of teenage, punk, angsty super powered drama.”

Lacera spends his days as a Storyboard/Concept artist at Irrational Games, and these art projects are done in collaboration with his colleague Gavin Goulden (also at Irrational Games) and Carlos Villagra, who works as a lead illustrator/IP Developer at American Greetings Properties.

“We’ve been doing these nerdy drawing jams as a fun way to keep our skills sharp,” Lacera explains. “As professional artists it’s easy to get jaded and bored with making art when you do it all day for a living. With the Astonishing A$$holes we wanted to take it a step further and flesh out an idea that takes the X-Men universe and turns it on it’s head. We’re all big fans of Kick- Ass and it just seemed like a natural next step to mash up that attitude and punk aesthetic with the X-men, who are already the outsiders in the Marvel universe.”

You can see more art from this project at these links.

Imagine it as the X-Men re-extrapolated in modern times and pushed to the Nth degree. Lacera says that they have an idea for a full-length story to go with these illustrations, including a fight with — get this — “the Brotherhood of Evil Fu**ckers”. Lacera describes it as the X-Men meets Kick-Ass, and did it both for fun and as a not-to-subtle bombastic pitch to the powers-that-be at the House of Ideas.

What do you think — cool concept or something gone too far? Would you like to see this in print — and more importantly, do you think the Marvel would do it?



Sounds pretty awesome to me; hate the title though.

This is what I would want the actual published X-Men comics to look and read like.

I’ve already read Mark Miller’s run on Authority.

Mark Miller’s authority is about as punk a Michael Bay movie crossed with Family Guy. Quietly is that runs saving grace…

Hey, no fair! I thought this was a team book starring Tom Brevoort and Steve Wacker!

I agree with you about Quietly saving Miller’s Authority. I’m not much of a Miller fan so when the X-Men meets Kick-ass reference showed up, I lost all interest in this project.

Cole Moore Odell

February 26, 2011 at 1:38 pm

Didn’t James Kochalka get there first with SuperF*ckers?

If I were eight years old, I would think this is incredibly cool. Being an adult, I just have to wonder how they manage to have so much time on their hands.

Not to be confused wit the AICN Comics @$$holes

I love the last Cyclops redesign, with the 3D glasses.

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