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Lee Bermejo to write and draw Batman: Noel graphic novel

Batman: Noel

The first news to emerge from the ComicsPRO annual meeting in Dallas is that Lee Bermejo, the critically acclaimed artist of Joker and Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, will write and draw a Batman graphic novel for DC Comics.

Titled Batman: Noel, the holiday-themed book will mark Bermejo’s comics-writing debut. It’s edited by Mark Chiarello, DC’s vice president of art direction & design.

“I’m totally excited by this project, and not only because Lee Bermejo is such an astounding artist,” Chiarello tells the DC Universe blog The Source. “Sure, the work he’s done in the past (Joker OGN, Wednesday Comics) has been pretty brilliant and I’d expect nothing less from Lee, but the added bonus of Batman: Noel being drawn and written by Lee is extra cool. In other words, I knew Lee could deliver the goods artistically, but I never knew he was also this great of a writer!”

No released date was mentioned.

The meeting of ComicsPRO — the Comics Professional Retail Organization — continues through Saturday.



SHIT yeah. Always hyped for a Bermejo project.

You’d think that they just created a Batman for france, you’d think they would understand french.

Sweet cover… If the story’s any good I could see my way to picking this one up. Presumably, this one will hit in time for the next holiday season.

Then again, the new The Dark Knight monthly was supposed to start last November and that only came out just a few weeks ago.

Great post. I put a link up to it on my blog. Keep up the good work,

Batman kicking ass is always awesome. Doing it over the holidays gives it a very “Die Hard 3″ feel, for sure!

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