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Marvel alum Takeshi Miyazawa returns to Japan, publishes first manga

It looks like Marvel alum artist Takeshi Miyazawa is returning to his family’s roots. The Toronto-born artist moved back to his family’s native Japan several  years ago where Miyazawa has been working diligently to break into the manga industry. After years of hard work — he’s done it, and on Feb. 26 denizens of Japan can buy Miyazawa’s manga debut Lost Planet: Bound Raven.

For years Miyazawa worked as an artist for Marvel Comics, drawing  Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Uncanny X-Men and Runaways amongst other minis and guest issues. The artist’s last major work in American comics was 2009’s Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8.

There’s no word yet on any American publishers securing the rights for Miyazawa’s manga, but here’s to hoping!



Cool. I was wondering what happened to him while I was rereading some Runaways.

Huh, is this an adaptation of the video game or an original work? Either way, good on him!

I love his artwork. Very excited about this.

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