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Quote of the day | Gareb Shamus on the state of the industry

“The comic industry has a lot of issues that need to get solved because the sales on comics are dwindling, and there hasn’t been a leadership role in this industry to change the course of that. So from one perspective I don’t think the material and the talent and the quality of stories has ever been greater. I don’t think we’ve ever had such an exciting time in the comic book industry. But nobody is taking a leadership role in changing the course of sales. And it’s very unfortunate because the retailers are having a very tough time out there, and nobody is helping them. […] The comic industry lacks the leadership, and I’m not pointing fingers at anybody in particular. But somebody has to make sure that the comic book industry thrives.”

– Wizard World CEO, and self-described pioneer, Gareb Shamus, in an interview touching upon the legacy of Wizard magazine, criticism from former employees and more



This is gonna be a fun thread.

Yup. Gareb Shamus should probably not talk about any subject matter, ever again. And what’s with the gloves. He seems like the king of guy that if he got flicked in thw ear, he would cry.

To my mind, the more interesting part of the interview is when Shamus completely dodges D’Orazio’s question about ex-employees alleging poor treatment at the hands of him and his company.

The gloves are because he owns, or is partial owner of some rag-tag MMA operation. He’s been setting them up in the back corner at Wizard Worlds for years. Even with the explosion of MMA over the years, and everything associated with MMA, his outfit hasn’t been nearly as successful as other operations. Imagine that!

It’s kinda hard to take anything he says in the article seriously after he talks about being a pioneer in the magazine industry. SERIOUSLY! You started your magazine in the 90s, at least 60 years AFTER others? Some pioneer! Maybe next, he’ll be a pioneer in this new fangled contraption called “the Internet”.

That’s exactly what it needs. A leader. Then as the sales dwindle the leader just needs to reach into his chest and crack open a Matrix and light our darkest hour. Oh wait that’s a cartoon.

Wow. I used to read Wizard every month in the late 90s/early 00s and really enjoyed it. I stopped buying it due cutting back on my spending, and realising money would be better spent on the comics themselves.
I didn’t really have much of an opinion about Gareb before, but having read that interview, boy does he come across badly. Arrogant, egotistical and plain deluded.


February 8, 2011 at 4:29 pm

If American entertainment publishers/websites continue to softball interviews to people like this – who allegedly fired people over the phone, without paying them out – then things will never get better.

That this interview was done by someone who had massive issues with the internal workings of a publisher, just makes it worse.

Seriously, what would MTV Geek have lost by giving him some serious shit?
He wouldn’t talk to them any more, so they couldn’t plug HIS conventions?

I dunno – MTV obviously isn’t who you expect to be hard hitting, but accepting such a softball response from someone who has been accused of employee mistreatment for a decade or two, is just pathetic.

No wonder companies, particularly within comics, have no issues treating people like shit – there is zero fallout from it.

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