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Randy Queen, Andrea Brown Literary Agency to turn Darkchylde into novels


Randy Queen’s Darkchylde continues its resurgence with the announcement via press release that the 15-year-old comic series will soon make the jump to the young adult section of the bookstore. Queen has signed with Andrea Brown Literary Agency to bring Darkchylde to teen readers.

“I’m elated Ariel’s Chylde’s journey to young adult bookshelves is in the very capable hands of Kelly Sonnack at Andrea Brown Literary Agency,” Queen said in the press release. “Their track record is considerable, and Kelly’s conviction, strategy, and personal enthusiasm ensures a bright trajectory.”

“When the sample pages for DARKCHYLDE came across my desk, I quickly realized this was something special,” Sonnack said. “For contemporary teen readers who haven’t been exposed to Ariel Chylde through Randy’s comics, I think they’ll find her hugely compelling. She’s a vivid, exciting new heroine who could refresh the current landscape of teen protagonists.”

I can easily see Darkchylde on shelves next to the likes of The Vampire Diaries or Twilight. A Darkchylde film, directed by Jon Carpenter, is currently in the works.



Really? I thought Darkchylde was a stroke book for teenagers and adult men who didn’t have the balls to buy real porn. What’s the appeal to pre-teen girls?

It was an OK comic, but given the amount of blood and bare skin I can’t see it being faithfully translated. But I’d figured something was up when they came out with a collected edition ten years after the last comic came out.

Im very much looking forward to this. I think the comics were good but I’m sure if we get to dive into the mind of Ariel we will find so so so much more. Only so much can come across on a comic. With the years that have passed I am sure that Ariel has matured and so has Randy so we will be left with a polished set of books that will rival those other “vampire” books. I for one cant wait to read them.

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