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Robb Pratt’s stellar animated Superman fan film

Animator and storyboard artist Robb Pratt created a one-minute “classic” Superman cartoon that’s been making the rounds, and it deserves every bit of praise it’s been getting. Click on the play button above to watch it, then stick around after the credits to hear Pratt talk about creating it. Good stuff.

(I believe I first saw it on ComicsAlliance)



Wow. That looks great! Pulls a twang on the nostalgic strings of my heart. Now I want to go find Fantasia.

It’s like Fleischer Brothers meets Mike Kunkel. Very cool.

Wonderful blend of classic and modern Superman animation.

Wow !!! Really cool !!! I’d love to see more of it !

Props Robb on the great work! What animation software did you use?

You see? It’s not that hard to make a great Superman movie!

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