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Toby Cypress kicks off Kursk webcomic

Phenomenal artist Toby Cypress has been letting his independent spirit flow these past few years; last year the Joe Kubert-graduate announced he was self-published his graphic novel Rodd Racer, and now the artist is branching out with his first webcomic: Kursk.

Set in a dystopian future Earth with the world’s most dangerous man, Kursk is a chance for the world-at-large to see this unique talent that until now has been hard to come by.On his blog, Cypress says that Kursk is “an experimental project for me, that I produce on my free time. Instead of watching TV, or playing videogames…or dating *sigh”.

Cypress is perhaps best known for his work with Brian Wood on the graphic novel The Tourist, but he’s also worked far and wide on things as diverse as Uncanny X-Men, Predator, an issue of Batman/Nightwing, and work in Popgun Vol. 1 and Swallow Book Four.



FYI: Link to Kursk is broken.

I did, however, go to the site– and it’s now bookmarked, because I was blown away in 5 pages!
Looking forward to seeing more!

It should be fixed now … thanks!

Toby is going to kick sooooo much ass with this!

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