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Tomer Hanuka’s dreams of the Al Gore administration

Although they don’t get to spend too much time doing comics anymore, the Hanuka brothers carry their comic sensibilities with them on their high profile magazine illustration assignments. And a recent project by Tomer Hanuka is really something special.

Hanuka was hired by art director Josef Reyes to do the lead art for a New York Magazine story documenting the fictional decade where Al Gore, not George W. Bush, became president in 2000. It poses the question, “How would Al Gore have handled 9-11 and everything in those eight years?” This lead art goes with the first chapter, written by Kurt Anderson, about Gore’s White House being struck by United Flight 93. As Tomer puts it, “Al Qaeda doesn’t care who’s president.”

To view several process sketches and more of Hanuka’s art, visit their blog.


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I suppose this is apparently funny, however, to some, like myself, who lost their dear mother on Flght 93, it’s insulting and in no way funny. It may be free speech, but it is definitely in poor taste.

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