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Vertigo’s Strange Adventures anthology coming in May

Strange Adventures

Via Comic Vine comes word on Strange Adventures, a new anthology due from Vertigo this May that will feature the first chapter of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso’s Spaceman.

Per Comic Vine, the anthology will feature eight 10-page science fiction short stories by folks like Peter Milligan and Scott Snyder. On Twitter, Jeff Lemire has revealed he’s doing a story about Ultra the Multi-Alien (who appears on Mark Buckingham’s variant cover above).

Check out Lemire’s Ultra after the jump.


Ultra the Multi-Alien by Jeff Lemire



Whoa! Is this a mini or an ongoing?

Or maybe a one-shot? The info from Vertigo doesn’t say, but it’s 80 pages for $7.99 … which makes me think it is a one-off like the Halloween annuals they’ve done.

Also Kevin Colden of “Fishtown” fame is doing the art for one of the stories.

adding to my pull list now

An 80 page, $7.99 monthly anthology of this calibre would be awesome.

Interesting. I’ll wait for this to come out. Vertigo is always good at this stuff.

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