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Voting opens for the first Stan Lee Awards

Voting is open for the inaugural Stan Lee Awards, presented in conjunction with Kapow Comic Con to recognize “the cream of comic book talent for all their creativity and imagination.”

The finalists in each of the 12 categories were selected from nominations submitted by a panel composed of actors Seth Rogan and Clark Duke, Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof, retailers, and comics and entertainment journalists.

Online voting continues through March 4. The winners will be announced April 9 during a ceremony at Kapow Comic Con in London. The nominees are:

Best Writer
• Brian Michael Bendis
• Robert Kirkman
• Grant Morrison
• Garth Ennis

Best Artist
• J.H. Williams III
• Steve McNiven
• Duncan Fregredo
• John Romita Jr.

Best Series
The Walking Dead
Batman & Robin
Batman Inc.

Best Superhero or SciFi Movie
Scott Pilgim
Iron Man 2

Best Trade
Sweet Tooth, Vol.1
Dark X-Men
Fantastic Four – Solve Everything
Blackest Night

Best Limited Series or Story Arc
Batman & Robin Must Die
Avengers Prime
Dr. Strange
Brightest Day

Best Comic Hero
• Scott Pilgrim
• Iron Man
• Green Lantern
• Batman

Best Newcomer
• Nick Spencer
• Rob Guillory
• Kieron Gillen
• Jonathan Ross

Best Publisher
• Image
• Marvel
• DC
• Vertigo

Best TV Show
Boardwalk Empire
The Walking Dead
Doctor Who

Best Game or Toy
Red Dead Redemption
Halo: Reach
NBA 2K11
Call of Duty: Black Ops

Man or Woman of the Year
• Matthew Vaughn
• Stan Lee
• Robert Kirkman
• Joe Quesada



That is one random collection of superhero-leaning nominees.

Wow, Mark Millar wasn’t kidding when said this wasn’t an indie convention.

What are the odds that the inaugural Stan Lee Awards Man or Woman of the Year winner will be Stan Lee?

Why is it that Man or Woman of the Year is populated only by men?

Wow, the only word that comes to mind is LIMITED. Most of the things here have won enough awards already or just aren’t that great

Why is Batman Inc on there, we havn’t even finished the first 3 issues.

@Julian I have no idea but Gail Simone should be there.

Where the fuck is Geoff Johns for best writer?

So is KAPOW’s “Stan Lee Awards” the Comics crowd’s “People Choice Awards” to the “Eisner”‘s “Oscars”?

(And I’m thinking that the “Harvey’s” are its “Golden Globes”).

Bill S Preston Esquire

February 3, 2011 at 5:28 pm

I find Geoff Johns absence to be quite refreshing.

Absent from the list is appropriate for Johns unless it’s a prize for most glaring plot holes in a series. Or maybe most characters killed off then brought back for no good reason. Or best execution of corporate masters’ editorial demands. Or best at driving me away from 99% of everything DC puts out these days. Ha! Eat my snark, Johns!

What I find odd is that Dark Horse is missing from best publisher when DC and Vertigo are both there which is redundant. The Hellboy stuff is all incredible month after month. If as a reader you are tired of endless resurrections, unexplained plot holes and high cover prices for less and less good content, Mignola’s stuff will make you very happy. That’s where the money I used to spend on Green Lantern and Flash is going and I couldn’t be happier.

No Geoff Johns? Maybe this isn’t just another superhero convention. Too bad it’s on the other side of the planet from me.

Which Batman?

These nominees are outrageous. Mark Millar – I like most of your work, but seriously, McNiven AND Romita JR for best artist. There are tons of amazing artists, and YOUR awards nominees include 2 of the artists you use on your work.

Avengers? Nominated for best series. Ennis for best writer? Grant Morrison?

Joe Quesada? Stan Lee? Man of the year? Stan lee is always the man. He doesn’t need an award with his name already on it.

Millar get your head out of your pompous ass.

By the way, the kick ass movie was better than YOUR comic.

I’m rooting for Garth and I love the guy, but I don’t see how he made the list. He could write “The Misadventures of Heavy, the Phone Book” and I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I’m still confused why he’s on the best writer list (will these be an annual thing? Are we looking back at 2010? Battlefields was/were consistently strong but The Boys didn’t make the news.). Lindelof–who I personally believe ain’t worth the hype–lives for The Boys and I’m guessing that’s the sole reason.

Shouldn’t something named the “Stan Lee Awards” have Stan’s input as to who he feels is worth the recognition, then leave it to these votes for all to decide?

There’s a lot more to comics than Marvel and DC! What about manga, webcomics, independent publishers, 2000AD, European graphic novels…?

All of these other genres will be represented at Kapow! they should be in the awards selection as well.

I think it’s outrageous that Mark Millar was not nominated for best writer.

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