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Where are May’s X-titles?

Cover to April 2011's NEW MUTANTS #24

Yesterday CBR posted Marvel’s advance solicitations for comics shipping in the month of May. There’s a lot to anticipate in May, from Fear Itself picking up steam, Chris Bachalo joining The Avengers, new #1s, several titles double-shipping and even some themed variant covers under the moniker of “X-Men Evolutions.” But there’s a couple things missing.

Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny X-Force, New Mutants and X-Men: Legacy are all missing from the May solicitations. In the previous month’s solicitations, Uncanny X-Men has three issues planned — a Point One issue as well as a #535 & #536. Uncanny X-Force also posts two issues in the month of April. The latter two are involved in the “Age of X” event which ends in April, but their absence in May could mean something. The last solicited New Mutants, April’s #24, is heralded as the end of the “Age of X” storyline.

A cursory search reveals a possible answer on Uncanny X-Force writer Rick Rememder’s twitter, where he states “Solicits for May issues of Uncanny X-Force held off for huge announcement of upcoming awesome power. Really is big. Really.”

This “announcement” Remender refers to could potentially relate to the other three books mentioned earlier.

So is Marvel holding back part of their solicits for May books? Will they show up in comic shops’ order catalog Previews, or will it be emailed as an addendum to buyers? Lots of questions here, so expect some answers from Marvel in the coming days.



It doesn’t make any sense. Out of those books, I only read X-Force. Issue 8 in April is the start of a new arc, so #9 in May would be part 2. How could that be part of some HUGE announcement? I think I read somewhere that Uncanny is in the same situation where May’s issue is in the middle of an arc.
I assume there will be big changes in Legacy and NM since they both start new stories coming out of AoX.

Generation Hope is missing from the solicits, too.

My best guess is that the books are being replaced by oneshots in May, like the Bat-titles did recently. (For instance, “Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Men” etcetera…) Only reason I can think of not to give us “classified” solicits at least.

But yeah. Waiting is hard. Need to know is great.

Marvel is rebooting all the X–books to #1 again, to be followed in 3 months by #1000, then another new #1.

Marvel similarly held off on last month’s Herc solicit until the end of the Chaos War mini. If I had to hazard a guess, these announcements were all timed months ago – but things are now a bit jumbly, thanks to Diamond shipping product to retailers on Tuesdays.

Final Order Cut Off day moved from Thursdays to Tuesdays, the day retailers get all the new Previews information moved from the Wednesday before the print edition hits to the Friday before that (THIS FRIDAY, in fact) – which is why you’re seeing Marvel and DC roll out their solicitations a bit earlier than they used to in the past.

Chances are, this is a case of “we’ll announce it when scheduled” – and the retailer info will probably include a few “WILL BE ANNOUNCED” listings, like it has in the past.

Hope some of that was helpful.

According to Tom Brevoort it seems it might have just been a mistake in the case of some of the X-solicits

(From )

” “Not precisely your area, I know, but maybe you can explain why most of the core X-Men line (Uncanny, Legacy, X-Force, Gen Hope, and New Mutants) are all absent from the May solicits? Most of those books were in the middle of storylines.”

You’re talking about the online release, right? Not sure what happened, but all of those books are still coming out in May.”

Well, the Previews order form is available (, and all the missing X-books are there, including extra issues of X-Force and Legacy.

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