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Wonder what Jill Thompson would do with Wonder Woman?

Cartoonist Jill Thompson has been tweeting it up in recent months, talking everything from comics to wrestling, Halloween and more. And last night she posted a unique piece of art guaranteed to get fanboys and fangirls wagging.

On the right is a watercolor Thompson posted of her own wild and delectable take on DC’s Wonder Woman. Although you might not remember it, she drew the title for a brief stint in 1990 and was even asked to do a story with the character for the original Wednesday Comics. Can I see a show of hands for who wants to see Jill go to Themiscyra?

In a response to a question on Twitter about ideas she might have for a story to go with this image, Thompson said “I DO have an OGN I’d love to do. :)”

Last year I interviewed Thompson for about her work on Beasts of Burden, where she talked about this very subject, saying:

I very much enjoyed working on the superhero stuff in the beginning of my career. I’d love to do some more. I love all kinds of comics. It’s more been the case of being busy working on all sorts of other stuff. And, I think that sometimes, because of the all-ages material that I’ve created, some people have forgotten that I can do superheroes as well. The two pitches I’ve got up at DCU are superheroes; one is a Wonder Woman graphic novel and the other is a Superman graphic novel. Both painted full-color things, taking place outside of continuity, for folks who understand the premise of the characters. Because the core DC characters are so perfectly iconic and easy to describe in one sentence. Classic. Something that won’t be overwhelmed by all the convoluted continuity. I always like to tell stories that will be more timeless. Something a person could grab off the shelf in 10 years and it will not seem dated. That’s one of the things I strive to create.

Don’t despair, Marvel-ites — Jill also said she’d love to do something with Wolverine.



Can someone at DC please explain to me why they don;t move forward on things like a Jill Thompson WW OGN or an all-ages Darwyn Cooke-J.Bone WW series?

Because I really don’t understand it.

because they are busy with the money train with the super man and batman ogn though proably once they are done maybe they will give wonder woman her due that way.

Wow, I LOVE that design!!

Fantastic design. Maybe Jill’s secretly working on Wednesday Comics 2?


That is simply gorgeous.

This just makes me want to cry. DC seems to have no idea what to do with Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, amazingly talented people like Jill Thompson pitch a graphic novel to them and nothing happens?


Now THIS is an awesome costume redesign.

[sigh] Oh what could have been…

I have no problem believing that Thompson could knock both the WW and Superman project out of the park. It would be nice to see non-continuity OGNs (and it doesn’t need to be some numbered Earth story) fit better into DC’s publishing plans.

DC knew wxactly what to do with Wonder Woman when they had Gail Simone write. It was

I admire Thompson, and that’s a great design, but I’m so *tired* of the Wonder-Woman-As-A-Warrior motif. She’s a super HERO first and foremost, she can be proud of her Amazon heritage without needing to cut people’s heads off to prove how badass she is.

Sir Manley Johnson

February 17, 2011 at 1:22 pm

Why wait for DC. I wish she would go ahead and do her own story about her own Amazon character. I love her artwork.

I sadly have forgotten the name of the artist, but there was a manga-style pitch for WW a few years ago that got posted online and I thought it read and looked fantastic. I would definitely bought it. But for whatever reason, DC seems to have a set vision for WW that doesn’t allow for much deviation, other than Jim Lee designing horrible looking costumes for her.

Why isn’t this the “new” WW design? It makes more sense than the “gone clubbing ’89” crap they have her wearing now!

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