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Your video of the day | The ‘gritty’ melodrama of Riverdale

Anthony Konechny as Archie Andrews in the "Riverdale" parody trailer

I can think of few better ways to start off the morning than with this beautifully filmed and delightfully over-the-top parody fan trailer for Riverdale, a “gritty” remake of the ageless Archie Comics franchise.

Directed by Andrew de Villiers and written by Michael Cope and Rhys Finnick, the trailer was created with the help of about 100 Craigslist volunteers from the Vancouver film industry: “We produced this and the 10 other comedic videos on a budget of $3, 500 over a weekend. The Craigslist inspired and random nature of this production brought the director and his girlfriend together. It also united the executive producer’s wife with her long lost friend/boyfriend when she recognized him playing the character of Moose.”

It’s a terrific parody that heaps on amounts of melodrama usually reserved for a Lifetime Original Movie (alas, Nancy McKeon is nowhere to be seen). Watch Riverdale after the break.



Even as a person who never really reads Archie stuff, I found this to be insanely awesome/funny/brilliant. Good job, Canada.

I’d watch it.

For added creepiness, throw in David Lynch as director.

Very well done.

This is surprisingly like the new Archie: Married Life series. Ten times darker, but on the same spectrum.

Wonder if they knew how litigious Archie Comics can be about parody and fan creations.

Bully: It doesn’t matter. They can be that way, but they have no case under these circumstances. It’s a parody, which is protected under the First Amendment. Ask Jerry Fallwell about that.

Dawnell (@Dawnell_do)

July 10, 2015 at 8:31 pm

What Joe H said.

I’d watch the hell out of this, LOL and I love classic Archie!


The whole things is fantastic but that final shot really nails what has gotten marketed as “edgy” in the past. Really made me laugh.

As someone said above, good job, Canada!

This is awesome. The song choice really makes it. Yet some people still don’t seem to know that that song can no longer be used un-ironically.

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