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Another performer injured in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

T.V. Carpio

The beleaguered Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark was dealt another blow Tuesday with the announcement that T.V. Carpio, who plays the villain Arachne, will be sidelined for the next two weeks following an injury sustained during one of the show’s many fight scenes.

According to The New York Times, Carpio was hurt during a March 16 preview performance in an aggressive Act II showdown between the eight-legged Arachne and Peter Parker (played that evening by Matthew James Thomas). Although the newspaper reports the nature of the injury was not disclosed, it’s believed to be a neck injury; Broadway World contends it’s “whiplash.”

Understudy America Olivo has been performing as Arachne, and will continue in the part until Carpio’s return.

Carpio is the fifth performer injured in a production plagued by difficulties. In fact, she took over the role of Arachne from original actress Natalie Mendoza, who left Spider-Man in late December after she suffered a concussion during the problem-filled first preview.

The $70-million musical, by far the most expensive and technically ambitious show in Broadway history, has had a tumultuous month — which is really saying something, considering its rocky past: In the wake of overwhelmingly negative reviews and rumors of behind-the-scenes tensions, director Julie Taymor stepped aside on March 9 to make way for an expanded creative team tasked with overhauling the production. And just this week a report surfaced that producers are seeking to replace choreographer Daniel Ezralow, a Taymor loyalist responsible for designing the ambitious flying sequences.

Preview performances will be shut down from April 19 to May 11 to accommodate what are expected to be sweeping changes to the show — including a reduction of Arachne’s role. Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is now scheduled to open on June 14.



Omg just end it already!!! It’s not worth the safety of the actors!!!!

Eh at this point if you’re still willing to work on this musical, you’re basically taking your life into your own hands. Personally, I’d rather go spray a firehouse at a Japanese nuclear reactor.

Though the nature of the initial accidents was far more dramatic than experienced with other shows, I’m not convinced that this one is any more significant than what happens in many other shows. Actors are injured all the time, not just in shows with big stunts, but in almost anything with dance or fight scenes. Her injury doesn’t sound like anything that wouldn’t happen in Taymor’s other show, THE LION KING, for instance. (FORBIDDEN BROADWAY used to do a number called “Can You Feel the Pain Tongiht” on this very subject.)

Hey Bono,

When is enough enough?!!??! Pull the plug already!!!

If nothing else this Arachne character just keeps getting hotter, and hotter as they bump off the last one .(tastes may vary ;))

Natalie Mendoza – T.V. Carpio – America Olivo –

seriously … is ANYBODY saying “oh boy, can’t wait to get to Broadway and see this magical piece of entertainment?” … was there ever a demand for it in the first place????

I was injured reading this article.

I will be replaced by my understudy for further SPIDERMAN: TURN OFF THE DARK articles.


Yeah, pull the plug on this thing before one of the actors gets killed.

At this point a complete overhaul is the only thing they can do besides just shutting it down for good, which they definitely wont do. 70 mil is 70 mil, and they’re gonna want some of that money back.


Yeah if Mendoza dies I’ll flip! Shes pretty hot ;)

Man, just pull the plug and tap out already on this production.

Googam son of Goom

March 24, 2011 at 3:30 pm

Moose100 I see you already posted my thoughts on this topic.

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