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Avengelyne returns this summer from Image Comics


Rob Liefeld announced on his blog today that Avengelyne, a character published by his Maximum Press company back in the mid-1990s, will return in a monthly series later this summer from Image Comics.

The new series will be written by Liefeld and Mark Poulton (Koni Waves) and illustrated by Owen Gieni. Poulton previously wrote the character in an Avengelyne vs Koni Waves one-shot that Arcana published last year. Gieni has worked on several webcomics, including Sore Thumbs and Wicked Powered.

Avengelyne, an angel cast from Heaven who fought demons on Earth, appeared in several miniseries, one-shots, crossovers (including one with Glory, another Liefeld creation) and her own series from Maximum Press, and was later published by Avatar.



Sweet! Coverage on Robot 6! I love this blog. Thanks JK. Super excited about this book and really want to give it my all. Mark and I plan on having 5 issues in the can by the time the first issue hits. I really want to do a long run on the book, not miss a deadline, and get better each issue. Thanks for the help promoting it, it’s super appreciated.

Owen, I dig your style, especially the way you draw hands, but did you HAVE to draw her knives pointing right at her groin?

Windsor Blcok said:
That’s not Evangeline – this is Evangeline . . .


You are right. That’s not Evangeline, that’s Avengelyne! Just like the article states.

Chris- Thanks a bunch! Great to get compliments on the hands especially, since they are always a bit difficult. Ha, super funny about the crotch knives, I also had a friend call me out on some other phallic imagery I did on some pages but I assure you it is all done subconsciously. :)

Windsor- No word of a lie, but that Matthew Sweet song plays in my head all the time. Every single day. It was even my idea to use it for the intro of our new Avengelyne podcast we are doing with Image Addiction.

Yeah, I know hands are tough for a lot of artists. I like how you give them weight without making them seem like big blocks of meat. Looking forward to seeing more from you :)

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