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C2E2 | The Flash comes to an end in May

The Flash #12

DC Comics announced this morning that The Flash will end with May ‘s Issue 12, a result of its upcoming Flashpoint crossover. Curiously, a 13th issue is solicited for June.

Debuting in April 2010 on the heels of The Flash: Rebirth, the relaunched title teamed writer Geoff Johns with artist Francis Manapul, re-established Barry Allen as the Fastest Man Alive and built toward Flashpoint. So perhaps it was inevitable that the series would end as DC’s big Flash-centric event gears up.

The solicitation text gives little clue as to what to expect from the finale — other than it’s probably not good for Barry: “‘The Road to Flashpoint’ concludes as everything Barry Allen knows and cares about is lost. What is the Flashpoint? Find out in the upcoming Flashpoint #1!”

The Flash #12 arrives in stores on May 11, the same day as Flashpoint #1.

Expect more details to emerge this weekend from Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.




Remember when comic book issue numbers ran into the hundreds? Why do series have to restart every time there is a new storyline?

So far, Rich Johnston has been right on the money. He mentioned months ago that lots of books would be cancelled to make way for Flashpoint, some books restarted and the Marvelization of DCU under Bob Harras.

Wow…imagine all the bashing that would take place if this was a Marvel series. Yet since it is DC no one is gonna cry and moan about it.

Nice to know I was investing in a nice long run of Flash comics. It’s shit like this that prevents new readers from starting a franchise. I’ve been interested in Flash for a while, and when I heard Johns was starting a Barry Allen series from #1 with minor previous knowledge needed, I jumped at the chance. I’ve been loving it. Nice to know it’s money well spent since the series is ending in three issues. Hopefully it’s just a hiatus and they’re hiding that to keep his fate mysterious.

But seriously. DC, Marvel, constantly restarting series with new #1’s makes it look like the book is really bad to new readers. It’s not new reader friendly, it’s the exact opposite. This is the same reason I don’t read Moon Knight or Punisher.

More than likely this is just a publicity move. With the premise of “Flashpoint”, I’d bet that the series will continue with #13 after the event has concluded, or it will be re-started with a new #1 with a creative team more able to keep up with monthly deadlines.

Ugh. I put up with this book coming out basically every other month for the past year and now they’re just canning it? Screw you DC. At least its one less book I have to buy from that horrible company.

Oh, good grief.

I bet you if we do the math (Which I haven’t) we’ll come close to a nice number for a relaunch to the original numbering…

The Source actually says “Issue 12 will be the final issue of THE FLASH.”

Issue 13 will probably be the first issue of SPEED FORCE, or THE FLASH: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO or something.

The Flash (1959), The Flash (1987), Flash:Fastest Man Alive (2006), Flash:Rebirth (2009), and Flash (2010) total about 629 issues… I’m sure they could get creative to get it to 650…

They’re relaunching it ALREADY???

And no doubt they’ll return to some inaccurate “original numbering” in the next few years…


When will they understand that the best comics crossovers tend to have an emotional hook that has been built up over a few years? I mean, if you are killing character off every week, it doesn’t matter how much you show it effecting the other members of the cast, you eventually get desensitized; and if you are having so many crossovers, to the extent that one hasn’t finished before the next one starts, then they stop being events by definition: after all, when we use the term ‘Event’ we generally mean something that is eagerly anticipated, and isn’t part of the usual publishing model. Now, however, with so many ‘Events’, they are not as eagerly anticipated, nor are they unusual – therefore, they are just another comic release.

More and more of these ‘events’ are being published when there is no need:

‘Civil War’ could have taken place in The Avengers.
‘House of M’ could have been in Avengers and the X-Men monthlies.
‘Final Crisis’ could have appeared in Batman and Superman’s monthly books.
‘Blackest Night’ could easily have been contained in the Green Lantern titles.
‘Secret Invasion’ was essentially a Thunderbolts/Avengers crossover.
‘Siege’ was an Avengers story.
‘World War Hulk’ was a Hulk story.
Now we have ‘Flashpoint’, which seems as though it could have been contained in The Flash, and ‘Fear Itself’, which could probably be contained in Captain America/Thor, or The Avengers.

I know someone will talk about sales and worshipping the fast buck (which, as we know, is currently causing all the economic problems in the world) as some kind of justification for this behaviour, but think about this: have sales gone up or down, overall, since this event driven agenda began? Prices have risen, but not sales, and a shrinking market cannot sustain itself.

I was a huge fan of Bart’s short run as Flash and dropped it after they dropped him. Been wanting to get back in but stuff like this keeps me at arms length.

I have to admit I’m not entirely surprised by this move, a lot of FLASH fans either grew up with Wally or are used to seeing him as the Flash in the JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoons.

I’m not a Barry hater but to (effectively) sacrifice Wally wasn’t going to work (I say effectively sacrifice because he’s only had maybe 5 panels in all of the Flash series).

It will be interesting to see what happens to Barry and Wally after Flashpoint though.

…arg. Maybe it is a buzz-launching, if the cancellation is related to FLASHPOINT.

but I was kinda disappointed by the new serie, I didn’t emphasize with the art, the set-up, the character being too fast ( ha ha ) putting in action…Very stange : publishers seems to have a great consideration for their characters and they make the wrong choices to each re-launching…

DOOM PATROL was also a failure, and there was a strong demand from the audiences, while ZATANNA, BOOSTER GOLD and POWER GIRL are lasting and blasting..

Are you freaking kidding me?


Thank you! Glad i’m not the only one who thinks this.

Ugh. To quote the movie School Ties, in response to this bone-headed decision (among many) by DC:


For main series (ongoing series called Flash), we’re at 505. Using I got 845 by adding in a crap load more. I don’t think it would be challenging for DC to find a nice number to relaunch to (or they could just pull a Hulk and pick a random high number). (fun fact: i found an older series called Flashpoint in that link)


I have actually read one issue of the original 2 issue mini FLASHPOINT series, its a fun read :)

Ironically, Barry’s first series picked its numbering up from where the original Flash Comics left off a decade earlier. And Wally’s brief return before Final Crisis did the same.

So I expect that after the shouting is over, we will see the numbering as a sum total of all the Flash series.

The only question really is, what about Wally?

Barry Allen from the first Silver age Flash run was a boring 1-dimensional character with the personality of a tree. He was all that was bad about DC Characters – the alter-ego was the secret identity to the Hero identity. His death MADE Crisis on Infinite Earths resonate and helped define DC’s relaunched characters in the 80’s.
The relaunched Wally West Flash had more personality and characterization in the first 5 issues than Barry Allen ever had. I was disappointed that Johns sought to bring Barry Allen back and de-emphasize Wally, but had faith it would be good because everything Johns wrote was excellent. Well, not this time. The Barry Allen Flash that Johns has been writing is a boring 1-dimensional character with the personality of a tree. Even the other DC Characters don’t seem all that happy boring Barry is back. Big letdown.

This is disappointing and/or annoying. Green Arrow went to what, 75? then got relaunched as GA/BC and that went to like 34, then *another* relaunch. Oh well, I was going to stop buying the Flash variants after #12 anyway. Seriously though, WTF?

Yeah, I think only one person was clamoring for Barry Allen’s return. Sadly, that one person is DCs Chief “Creative” Officer.

well, well, well, I call marketing shanenigan.

Eh, no big deal. They’ll just renumber it after Flashpoint or continue the numbering or something.

A rose by any other name.

I’m just gonna sit and laugh at all the hair-trigger fanboy reactions.

While I was more than happy to see Hal Jordan return from the dead, and I have stuck with Green Lantern up to Brighte$t Day, I never saw any reason to bring Barry Allen back. Barry died for something. He died with dignity and honor for a reason. I saw/see no reason to bring him back and unwravel the multiverse. The DCU should exist on a single timeline, on a single Earth.

The second reason, my wallet dictates what I read. I’ve had to sacrifice Green Lantern and Brightest Day…so, there was no way I could give Barry a try. I wish I could give Flashpoint a try, maybe I will for the Hal Jordan issue.

I appreciate “Holding The Line At $2.99″. I just wish that “Holding The Line” had been the motto BEFORE $2.99. I have my own line I have to hold.

I have to admit I’m not entirely surprised by this move, a lot of FLASH fans either grew up with Wally or are used to seeing him as the Flash in the JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoons.

I’m not a Barry hater but to (effectively) sacrifice Wally wasn’t going to work (I say effectively sacrifice because he’s only had maybe 5 panels in all of the Flash series).

Dude, what are you talking about? In the last released sales chart Flash was in the top 10 highest sellers for the month, out of all comics from all companies. It’s a top 10 seller now. This has nothing to do with sales, it’s just a gimmick related to Flashpoint. I’m sure it’s like when all the X-Men titles went on hiatus for 3 months during Age of Apocalypse.

I know a lot of Wally fans desperately want to convince themselves the Barry return was a failure and that the rest of the world is boycotting along with them, but that’s not the case.

Hahaha FANBOYS…. it is being stopped for storyline reasons, it will most likely resume after flashpoint. It’s not being cancelled for all your idiotic reasons and most importantly IT’S PART OF THE STORY to put the main series on hold while Barry explores the world of flashpoint.

Agreed …. this is stupid. And, yes, sadly, this is the Marvelization of DC. Very stupid. You know they will come back with a new #1 Flash. Whoever wrote that Wally is The Flash to most of today’s readers I suppose I have to agree with that. I think that’s why — at least partly — this Barry-centric series is going away. Personally, I’ve always liked Barry. But …. it didn’t seem right to push Wally aside when Barry returned. So here’s what they’ll do (maybe): After this idiotic Flash event they will relaunch and call the title All Flash so that it can include all of the speedsters. Of course it’s possible that they’ll pick a Flash, restart with a #1 and in a year or two change to the accumulated number of issues just to get it up to 700. By my count (not including Flash Rebirth) there will be 658 regular ongoing series “Flash” comics published. These include: Flash Comics (104), All Flash (32), The Flash (Barry Allen=4 Showcase plus 246 Flash for 250 total), The Flash (Wally West=247), The Flash (12), and Fastest Man Alive (13). That means about 40 issues of the new title numbering until DC gets it back on track. Just dumb.

Agreed …. this is stupid. And, yes, sadly, this is the Marvelization of DC. Very stupid. You know they will come back with a new #1 Flash. Whoever wrote that Wally is The Flash to most of today’s readers I suppose I have to agree with that. I think that’s why — at least partly — this Barry-centric series is going away. Personally, I’ve always liked Barry.

Again, the book with Barry is now a top 10 book. Much better in sales than Wally has been as of recently. Why would they regret their decision to bring Barry back exactly. Even if Wally is the Flash most people know, fans apparently have gotten over it pretty easily given how the book sells better than it did with Wally headlining.

I didn’t read everyone’s post- so I’m not sure if people have already gone over this but…

-could part of the issue be that no one was really clamoring for Barry to return in the first place? I mean- he had a good run and a meaningful-powerful death. He had cameo’s and flashbacks once in awhile- but I don’t really feel like people were upset that Wally took over the role and eventually made it his own. In comicdom it was one of the better mento/sidekick relationships and it played out well. It seemed like Dick would never step into Bruce’s boots- unthinkable. Wally did it- albeit reluctantly and with difficulty, which made him all the more well-rounded as a character. The Flash is probably my favorite character over the years. Not being one of the big three helped the character by allowing the writer’s the freedom to take him places other characters might not be able to. I love the Flash’s powers and abilities- but I’ve read all these years for Wally’s characteristic abilities, confidence, arrogance, mistakes, and flaws. I’m not against Barry being back- but it seems like they brought him back and shoved down our throats. The whole speed-force really comes from Barry? really?

I guess what I’m saying is that if Barry’s storyline and character doesn’t develop more- I wouldn’t be surprised if the book goes on hiatus.

Thank God for that….Its amazing how a publisher can screw up their most treasured properties.

Wally West IS the true Flash…he’s the one that made Flash so popular during the 80’s and 90’s. Barry Allen is annoying and does not have an ounce of charisma. He looks and acts like golden age heroes, and we already have Superman to perform this role for eternity.

One of DC’s biggest mistakes was making Wally “grow up” and have a wife and kids. They have to fix this mess once for all and get rid of Barry or create a new persona for him or something. BRING WALLY BACK!

And as I reading the latest issue of Batman I felt the same thing. It was a huge mistake of Morrison to make Dick Grayson the new Batman. Only Bruce Wayne should be Batman. Period. Fix this mess too, please, thank you.

Yerp…good thing all those DC fanboys didn’t burst a seal there, eh robawali.

With the series “ending” at twelve…it is VERY likely that they are just putting it on hiatus until Flashpoint concludes. All of the X-Men titles “ended” going into the Age of Apocalypse storyline…with a 4 issue renamed title replacing each of them for the entirety of the storyline. This could be a similar idea…considering it seems to be about alternate realities or somesuch.

Another point to consider, and it’s pretty common sense…

If DC was canceling the Flash because there was some serious flaw with bringing Barry back and the return wasn’t working and people miss Wally…Why is Barry still the main focus of Flashpoint? The common element running through all of it, the main hero of the piece? Why are they increasing his overall monthly appearances and prominence rather than reducing his profile?

Man, they can’t even wait. We’re just getting used to having Barry back, and now they’re pulling an ‘EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS GOING TO CHANGE’. Such shite.

Is it possible that they’re getting rid of issue 13 which was Johns&Kolins doing a Reverse Flash issue because Kolins has the Flashpoint Reverse Flash comic?

Maybe issue 13 was already going to be the ending and they figured to just make it a pure Flashpoint Tie-in instead of an additional issue of the Flash?

Bored Now.

I’m not even reading this or many Marvel or DC titles at all, but seriously, fanboys… what a group of whiners. This move isn’t “discouraging to new readers” like many of you claim… it’s discouraging to YOU, the long time readers. YOU jumped on at the new #1 when Flash relaunched. YOU’RE upset that they disrupting the numbering so you won’t have a nice long run of comics with high numbers to fit in a longbox.

Johns is having more influence on the titles direction than Harras. Which could be a good thing or bad thing. People will get angry at the quick change, but look at what could happen if Harras get his hands on things.

This is probably just due to Flaspoibt taking place, the main Flash book not setting the sells charts on fire ( then again, what book is), and possibly a restructuring of the direction for the book.

For majority of my life time, the Flash has been Wally.
Yet and still, I wasn’t among those who voiced displeasure when Barry came back.

While many view these characters with a definitive version, only Batman, Superman, Spiderman, the Hulk, and ,due to recent events, Iron Man have definitive versions/ secret idenitities.

All others are open to preferrence of interpation.

Reading the Emergancy Stop trade of Flash by Morrison and Millar, something becomes increasingly apparrent.

The Flash could sucessfully function like a team book by focusing on the whole Flash family.
You don’t need to have Barry Allen all day, everday to prove how much he’s the man or the greatest of all the Flashes.

Perhaps, had that been considered from the beginning, or if it was, then put on display from start of the Rebirth, the Flash would be in better shape.

That said, I’ve enjoyed the run so far with Francis Manapuls’ art standing out but a shout out should be given to Johns’ staging of the action sequences.

I’m waiting for the day when an ongoing series is cancelled after issue number 2 and then relaunched with a new number 1 ongoing series after one week of it’s cancellation.

Seriously, it’s due to this kind of idiocy (one of many) that I stopped collecting comics in the first place.

There was a time when comics where not only enjoyable to read, but also enjoyable to collect. Ah well, guess I just long for days and years of my childhood long gone by.

There’s a lot of overreacting right now to this news. Flash is cancelled, just like X-Force was cancelled and came back as Uncanny X-Force. Or Daredevil is cancelled and turned into Black Panther: Man without Fear and surprisingly coming back as a new Daredevil #1. I totally didn’t see that coming. And sales are not low enough to make them return to Wally.
Now after Flashpoint, where they go I don’t know, but there will be if not just 1 but probably 2 Flash Family books out there.
Geofff Johns stated before that he wanted to focus the first couple of arcs on Barry to get people to know him again. Geoff is a Silver Age fan and wants to share what he loved about those characters with this generation

To the folks saying that Barry being in a top ten book is proof that he’s a better character than Wally , consider: that Geoff Johns is a bigger writer (by far) than he was when he was writing Wally’s solo, having a higher-profile/more popular artist like Fancis Manupal (probably spelled that wrong), the increased publicity DC’s given the book, being told from the start of the series that a Flash-centric event was coming down the line (which will have art from the much in-demand Andy Kubert), AND that Barry made his first appearance in years in a Grant Morrison-penned crossover event. Did Wally have any sort of support like that from DC?

wow. apparently plenty of people here just started reading comic books yesterday.


March 18, 2011 at 1:55 pm

All this posturing over legacy and Wally’s “place” and how he earned this and that. As if fictional character “earn” anything.

Let me break it down for you: Wally isn’t EVER going to take Barry’s place again, regardless of how many 80s/90s fans cry foul, or childishly decry Barry Allen as “boring” (regardless of who writes him, and how). DC may create a new Flash to drum up interest, but neither Wally nor Bart qualify for that distinction.

So all this moaning is just a million ways of not dealing with reality. So: Learn to deal. The best you can hope for is that Wally stars in a spinoff book.

From the start wasn’t announced that the Flash universe was going to break off into three seperate books anyways? Barry was going to Lead the Main Title, Bart was going to lead a Kid Flash book written by Gates and the there was going to be a “Flash Legacy” sort of book focusing on Wally and the kids and other speedsters… kind of a team book… it was then announced the Kid Flash book was put on hold (along with the team book) to allow the public to get used to Barry being the main Flash (which it has based on sales, everyone needs to accept Barry’s not going anywhere)… one could assume that the 3 book strategy will probably launch post-Flashpoint.

flame away.

one more note: shouldn’t we all be happy that you won’t have to read Flashpoint and The Flash regular series to follow the main story like BN and GL did? DC very easily could have gone that route on top of all the other books it’s releasing… didn’t everyone piss and moan about that before?

@Realitatsprufung- It was also said that Barry would never return so I wouldn’t hedge my bets on never in comics. Much of the changes in the DC universe the last few years has had mostly to do with talented writers wanting to bring back the characters from their childhood. Now what do you think will happen when the DC universe begins getting run by talented writers who grew up in the 90s/early 00s interested in bringing back the characters from their childhood (and I mean back to full glory rather than simply having them around)

Now what essentially has to be asked is whether Hal Jordan and Barry Allen will be able to hold their books at their current level once Johns leaves. Hal has enough support that this *could* be possible but Johns has a lot of work to do to get Barry anywhere close to that level

Matty Macomber

March 18, 2011 at 2:31 pm

@Realitätsprüfung – Your argument is as solid as those a decade ago had about Hal and the unlikelihood of him being the main Green Lantern again. In the current creative/editorial reality, sure, it will probably be some time before Wally is promoted as equally Barry. The comics are, however, only one arm of DC’s superhero products. If you add in the kids who watched the DC Animated Universe version of Flash/Wally West through the 2000s (probably a more sizable audience than active comic readers), that’s a good quarter century of folks who think of West as the main Flash.

Actually, though, Barry Allen was my Flash and it was a surprise to have him come back… not fully sure if I am happy about that since I did think his story had a heroically poignant ending that I have trouble believing could be topped.

I was excited about Barry returning and gave him a shot…but he’s still boring and it feels like he’s being shoe-horned in as the Flash.
I think I liked him better dead.

I miss Wally and as far as I’m concerned Wally West should still be the fastest man alive!

(Bart, I’m indiffrent to.)

They have to launch new books out of a crossover this size and ending the series puts everything in peril. This is similar to Shadowland. Would you rather have a bunch more Flashpoint tie-ins? There are already so many. Probably not enough Flash story for more tie-ins. Seems like a decent move.

Well looks like whatever plan DC has for Flash after Flashpoint worked it’s already got everyone talking about the book again. Gotta love overreacting of fanboys and how far they’ll reach to try and make a point, sorry Wally fans but he’s not taking over anything Barry Allen is the The Flash that’s why he’s starring in Flashpoint. This will probably just be a relaunch with the original numbering of Barry’s run. Johns has said he’s got the same longterm plan for Barry Allen as he did for Hal Jordan, so all of this over the top crying is unnecesary just sit back and enjoy the stories in the end everything will work itself out.

Dear God, people. It’s just a number.

Ugh. Can we just re bury Barry and just let Wally have the title back already? I was expecting a hiatus but not cancellation of flash. I don’t even read it because I want Wally not Barry. Thankfully skipping Flashpoint that other crappy event going on. Wallets of comics fans are crying.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So where’s Bart?

Couldn’t bear to read the above but my powers tell me it probably conists of the following: Give Wally his own book, Barry should have stayed dead, I hate (name of DC executive), all comic readers are morons except me.


Of course FLASH is in the top 10, that’s because Geoff Johns is cash-gold for DC, its the creative team that is selling the series, NOT the fact that Barry is back (and, again, I emphasize I am not a Barry-hater, I’m a fan of the Flash legacy,whoever wears the suit, as long as the stories are re-told, I even enjoyed Bart’s short-lived series).

I would not be surprised if a Flash family book was launched out of FLASHPOINT but you can see, if you compare the sales of Geoff’s Wally run to the sale of Geoff’s Barry run that the sales are actually about equal. Very few people were clamouring for Barry’s return and only a few are celebrating. Even a lot of Barry fans that I’ve spoken to feel that Wally has been short-changed by the relaunch (going from headlining a series to effectively being in character limbo)

For me, which character is or isn’t the “best” Flash or the “true” Flash is sort of beside the point.

As far as I’m concerned, the point of all of this is that the super mega crossover event has finally become more important, in the minds of the publishers, than the regular monthly title.

You could read the publisher previews and promos and easily come to the conclusion that a lot of titles aren’t even being published anymore. However, everyone knows every detail, conjecture and rumor about something like “Brightest Day” or “Flash Point.”

As many here have noted, the cancellation of the Flash may not even be a sign of the series’ failure, but just another marketing gimmick, like Marvel’s promise to kill a character at least, what was it, once every quarter? It’s difficult not to become cynical about stuff like this.

Stuff like this is the reason I haven’t bought a comic book in a decade. I love these characters, but the companies that own them are shit.
Everything is a company wide fucking “event”. These companies are doing their best to kill the industry. Forcing people to but books they never would for fear that they miss one panel that plays to the larger scheme. Forcing writers on smaller books, who are busting their asses to get noticed, to stop what their doing and cram in someone else’s stories. Basicly cockblocking them. Acting as if just having the characters is a right to print money. I’m sure some asshole in an office is saying. “Its Superman or Batman, Captain America or Spider-man, etc… these idiots will but anything with them in it.”
Killing characters off for some cheap bullshit gimick just to boost sales, only to bring them back on a whime. Changing 20-30 years of history because the current writer or editor doesn’t like it and has a hissy fit.
Most of the characters histories are so fucked up no one knows how to handles them. Hawkman? possibly fucked up beyond repair? I hope not.

Stop the bullshit. Bring back the annuals. Thats where these stories belong. This event shit is nothing more than a remake of the hologram cover shit from the eighties.

>>Forcing people to but books they never would for fear that they miss one panel that plays to the larger scheme.<<

Unfortunately, the anal-retentive fanboys that frequent most of these boards DO PRECISELY THAT. So, it's not that the company's stance isn't without merit.

Personally, I think the creative forces in comics these days are actually KILLING the comics industry. How can you have any sense of drama or life-threatening excitement when death in comics means….NOTHING. You can blast a character into atoms (as happened with Barry Allen) and there is no sense of loss. Because he can be brought back at ANY time for ANY reason (most common being a creator has a wild hair up his anal cavity).
THIS, in my opinion, is why comics are slowly, but surely, being killed. I know *I* have stopped collecting them for this reason alone (the 2.99 price tag notwithstanding).

Flashpoint 1 sort of puts a lie to the statement that “Issue 12 will be the final issue of THE FLASH.

Who cares? It’s just a number. What matters is the story telling. If it goes back to the original numbers after Flashpoint is it really that big a deal?

You kids have too much time on your hands

To me, the main problem with bringing Barry back in the first place is that it really undermines all the drama in every single DC book. I mean, Barry Allen and Jason Todd are alive now. If those two came back from the dead then anyone can. Thus, death means nothing in DC comics. Barry’s very presence undermines any possible drama.

Now if Flashpoint ends with Barry sacrificing himself to save the day, it would go a long way to change my mind on that last point. Just like Jason Todd should have re-died at the end of the Under the Hood storyline, Barry should re-die after Flashpoint. How do you guys like that word, Re-die?

After this Flash is done, they should just bring back Wally with his old numbering and everything. That is, if they’ll put a good creative team on the book and actually support it. It was such an insult to Wally fans that they ended his book with issue 247, published no Flash book for three months, then launched Flash Rebirth. They couldn’t have just given it three more issues and sent Wally out with a big, issue 250 celebration issue?


March 20, 2011 at 10:14 pm

Seriously people?

Didn’t they already announced that it was planned to have the first twelve issues of Flash just be Barry, and then when it got to the second year, Wally would be back, in his own title?

Clearly, they aren’t ditching Barry – maybe if Flash was just getting canceled, but it’s not, it’s getting canceled and launching a crossover starring Barry.
Perhaps Flashpoint will kill him off – his mother only died because he came back, so maybe he gives his life to save hers – but I really doubt it.

There’s Superman spin-off characters, multiple Green Lanterns, two main and a few supplementary Batmen – so why not Barry and Wally as Flash?

Either way, isn’t this a bit much because they are changing the numbering?

There’ll be a new Flash book – most likely renumbered – after Flashpoint.

As for bringing Barry back, the way I see it was that the post-IC Bart book failed, so they brought Wally back; Wally’s book didn’t do so well when he came back, so they brought Barry back.

The Marvelization of DC actually began in 1975, when Gerry Conway came over from Marvel and gave the limping super-hero books a boost. The Marvelization of Barry Allen began in Justice League of America #139 (published in 1976), when Steve Englehart came over from Marvel and gave Barry Allen a little bit more of a personality.

pharon f fanboy

March 28, 2011 at 2:09 am

The new series of the flash has been damm awful. a publicity stunt gone wrong, now a lame character as the star with an altered origin, a book thats never been on time. Scott Kolins art for the fill in issues looked awful when compared to his run with Waly West. The fans are divided. DC just admit you have made a mistake if you publish that in the latest series I will buy the next issue. Its all kevin smiths fault starting with green arrow’s relauch.

It’s crap like this that made me give up monthly comics entirely a few years ago. Too many not-so-special special events. If I want to read a hor storyline now, I’ll wait until the TPB. Of course the suits are getting creative with those now too, dividing storylines up over 2, 3, 4, 10, whatever TPB’s instead of putting the whole thing in one like Odin intended. Sooner or later, the industry is going to greed themselves right out of business.

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