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Cartoonist Nick Abadzis tells a foodie tale set in Brookyln

Phenomenal cartoonist Nick Abadzis (Laika) has turned up in a surprising new place: Gourmet Live magazine, a digital magazine available via Condé Nast as an iPhone app.

Titled Chefs of America, the cartoonist says “fittingly, it’s about food.. but of course, it’s not only about food. Food is all about people, after all…”

Abadzis plans to have a new episode in each week’s issue of the Gourmet Live app — which is free,  so there’s no time like the present to check out new work by this amazing artist.



Thanks for the tip! As a living creature dependent on digesting nutrients in order to live, I LOVE food related comics. Two more to check out: Oshinobo by Kariya & Hanasaki and Not Love, But Delicious Foods Make Me Happy by Funi Yoshinaga.

Those of us without an iPhone or any other Apple device able to run apps (or honestly, a phone that would be in any way considered “smart”) are just going to go pout now.

I hope this finds its way into some form where I can read it, otherwise I am going to have to bug my iPhone-owning friends quite a bit.

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