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Comic creators I wish would return to comics

Mike Zeck drawing Nick Fury sporting Gucci for UK fashion mag "Arena"

If you’ve been a comic fan for any length of time, you’ve come to appreciate the talent and skills of certain creators. Whether they be mainstream heavyweights to cult-favorite indie cartoonists, they’re a big draw for you as a reader — and someone whose work you’d buy, sight unseen, based on their previous work you’ve loved. But just like childhood friends and lovers, sometimes they disappear, and a small piece of you longs to see them again.

Without getting too sentimental, here’s a list of some comic creators I’ve grown to love over the years that have (unfortunately) dropped off the American comics scene by-and-large. If you know them, tell them I’d raid my bank account for new work by them!

Brian K. Vaughan: Arguably one of the 21st century’s most successful creator-owned comic creators outside of Robert Kirkman, Brian K. Vaughan worked through the ranks at Marvel and DC to do both great company-owned superheroes like Runaways and The Hood, and his own inventions. After signing on to the TV series Lost, Vaughan has slowly drifted away from comics with his last series Ex Machina ending last year. DC just put out a collection of his Batman work, but no new work has been formally announced. In Vaughan’s last major recent interview, the writer states that while he’s become embroiled in movies and television, he “craves comics.” Among several television and movie projects in the works, Vaughan says that he has new comics stuff “percolating in the background.”

Darko Macan: I came to know this Croatian writer’s work through Marvel’s under-rated Cable revamp series Soldier X with Igor Kordey. Macan did a handful of other work for Dark Horse’s Star Wars titles and DC’s Hellblazer, but largely dropped off the American scene in favor of European comics work. He’s become a big pillar of comics in his native Croatia with a slew of comics, books about comics, and acting as editor-in-chief of of the Q-Strip comics magazine. I wish someone would import and translate some of his books back to the States.

John Cassaday: John Cassaday was part of an informal trio of superstar artists that sprang out of Wildstorm in the late 90s and early 2000s to big success at Marvel. With Bryan Hitch and Frank Quitely, he became a go-to guy and someone closely associated with the Captain America character for years. But after the long-overdue conclusion of the Planetary series in 2010, Cassaday’s only work in comics has been covers on titles like Superman and Shadowland. Last spring I interviewed Cassaday about the end of Planetary over at, where he said in addition to the cover work he’s doing he’s also writing a project of his own that has yet to be announced. He also directed one of the final episodes of the Dollhouse TV series and was attached as a director of his European series I am Legion at one point, so who knows where John will pop up next.

R. Kikuo Johnson: Cartoonist R. Kikuo Johnson burst onto the scene in 2006 with the Fantagraphics graphic novel Night Fisher. The East Coast-based artist followed that up with some smaller work in anthologies such as Marvel’s Strange Tales, but has yet to really hit the industry with a big project like his debut. The most recent place I saw his work as doing an illustration for The New Yorker on the TV series Boardwalk Empire.

Mike Zeck: In the 1980s, Mike Zeck became a go-to guy for Marvel with the artist drawing Secret Wars, Punisher and the epic “Kraven’s Last Hunt” storyline in the Spider-Man titles. Lately, Zeck has been the defacto comics ambassador in the world of licensing for both DC and Marvel, including style guides for the animated series Batman: The Brave & The Bold, licensing work for the upcoming Green Lantern movie and a Nick Fury illustration for the UK fashion mag Arena. A recent post on Zeck’s website gives this fan a racing heart at the idea of the artist returning to do a comic book focused on Captain America. Details are next to nil, but I’m reading between the lines the best I can.

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Barry Windsor-Smith: BWS is many things to many people — the Conan artist, the guy who made Wolverine cool with the Weapon X storyline, or one of the top artist of Valiant Comics in the 90s. With the recent Wolverine movie owing much to his work, the comic industry seems primed for BWS to return on the scene in some capacity — but unfortunately, he hasn’t popped up. He has scores of announced but unreleased projects floating around, from a Thing graphic novel at Marvel to a 300-page tome called Monsters for Vertigo. DC reportedly even has a fully penciled BWS Superman story that’s been sitting on the shelve for 12 years.

Damion Scott: Damion Scott made a big impact in comics with his work on the DC series Batgirl in the early 2000s. He was one of the artists chosen to get an issue of the prestigious Solo series, becoming the youngest and newest of the pack and did a series based on the Teen Titans character Raven a few years back… but after that, he vanished. He popped his head up for a small 8 page story in Marvel’s 2009 Deadpool Team-Up #900 but nothing else has been seen. He’s reportedly moved to Japan and set-up an art studio. He’s one of those guys that if they came back to comics full-time would be a major force in the industry.

I could go on for hours and drop named like Khari Evans, Andrew Robinson and even Bill Watterson but instead I’ll stop here and ask you — who do you miss doing comics?



Nicholas Gurewitch. I’d like to see him do so much more.

Blair Marnell

March 3, 2011 at 9:14 am

Christopher Priest, the man behind the best Black Panther run (which still needs to be collected!) and a damn good writer in general. I’d love to see Priest come back to comics.

As much as I love the new Tick series (except for the recent Christmas issue…), it sure would be nice to see Ben Edlund make an appearance back at NEC.

More importantly, however, Jim Lawson and Peter freaking Laird.
If only one comic book came out in 2011 I would be happy if that comic was TMNT vol. 4 #31

I second the vote for Priest. He made the Black Panther worth reading and it was a shame that it never really found and audience.

*Doh* … that should be “an audience”

Roland Gunner

March 3, 2011 at 9:29 am

Man, I loved Damion Scott back in the day but his work on that Raven mini was dire. Aside from BKV, the only person I REALLY miss is Tim Sale. Sale’s one of my all time favorite artists and pretty much anything he draws is worth reading.

Rollo Tomassi

March 3, 2011 at 9:29 am

I second the Priest request. That guy’s writing is intelligent and provacative. Sadly, Marvel would rather have subpar writers like Way, Remender, and Millar teabag their characters than give a creative force like Priest a gig. Same goes for DC. Fire Robinson and give Priest the JLA.

What about Chas Truog and Richard Case?
Are they doing anything new?

I always wanted to see more work from Joseph Harris. The guy who wrote Slingers for Marvel. I see there is a Joe Harris working over at Oni, is this the same guy? Speaking of Slingers, what’s Chriscross doing these days?

@Rollo: While I can agree about Way and Millar, I really think Remender’s doing great work. I know lots of people hated t but Frankencastle was the first time I’ve eve thought the punisher sounded cool. And he’s about to get me buying a Venom book. I hate Venom but this new book looks awesome.


oh! and Travis Charest should start doing some interior work soon. I’ve seen his Spacegirl but it’s not enough!

Devin Grayson. She was all over the place for so long, and I’ve loved pretty much all of her work. Aside from a cameo in Girl Comics, she hasn’t done anything I know of since she wrapped her Nightwing run.

I’ll fifth for Priest.

Jae Lee, other then cover work he hasnt touched a comic in a while (i dont count steve kings darktower stuff)

speaking of jae lee works, where has paul jenkins gone? wheres new stuff from geof darrow, frank miller?

and most of all i would really like to see new comics from Jhonen Vasquez.

A Priest comeback would be great! Marvel could start with some BP reprints.
It would be nice if Alan Moore came back…

Number one on my list would be Paul Ryan. He was never flashy, but his composition and storytelling were always excellent.

The Joe Harris doing Ghost Projekt for Oni is indeed the same Joe Harris who wrote Slingers.

I’ll seventh Priest. (I was kinda surprised no one got a comment from him on Dwayne McDuffie’s death, as he’s kind of the Pete Best of Milestone.)

Also, “DC reportedly even has a fully penciled BWS Superman story that’s been sitting on the shelve for 12 years” is exactly the sort of thing that baffles me. Who the hell sits on a BWS story? PUBLISH IT!

Whoops. my bad. Priest has his say here:

I would second Alan Moore, though I also enjoy the work he is doing instead of comics (hopefully he’ll finish that second novel some year).

I would also add Rob Schrab. His decade-in-the-making conclusion to Scud was outstanding, and it would be awful nice to have some more new comics projects from him.

Simon DelMonte

March 3, 2011 at 10:49 am

Another vote for Priest, and for Devin Grayson. And definitely for BKV.

I miss Norm Breyfogle, an artist I didn’t really come to appreciate until “Birth of the Demon,” by which point his run at DC was coming to an end. His vision of Batman and Gotham combined the best aspects of two very different Batman artists, Neal Adams and Jim Aparo, and I think it paved the way for what Tony Daniel’s been doing.

And while Denny O’Neil has earned his retirement, and seemed a little rusty in his post-RIP contributions to Batman, his presence as writer and editor is missed, and I would love to see him team up again with Rucka on a Question comic.

And whatever happened to Roger Stern?

I know she won’t make the top 10 list, but I’d love to see something ongoing from Ann Nocenti.
Her run on Daredevil defined the character & his world for me.
More importantly her ability to play w/ big ideas and mainstream characters always made for a rewarding read.
Especially if given time to develop those ideas and characters.
I think she could do something wonderful w/ a the Doom Patrol cast–in the regular DCU.
Also, Phantom Stranger, Catwoman, Howard the Duck, or a return to her Typhoid Mary character.

Count me in for a Norm Breyfogle explosion.

Martin Costello

March 3, 2011 at 11:53 am

“But after the long-overdue conclusion of the Planetary series in 2010, Cassaday’s only work in comics has been covers on titles like Superman and Shadowland”

I know it’s only a translation of his earlier work but the collected I Am Legion was released in 2010 for the first time in English.

Isn’t Breyfogle doing work on the Life with Archie series now?

New York Magazine just talked to Kikuo Johnson– — “Johnson, perhaps best known for his 2005 graphic novel Night Fisher, is now a frequent contributor to The New Yorker and a host of other name publications. He’s at work on two books — “I’m not at liberty to discuss the details at this point” — and the first comes out in 2012.”

Akira Toriyama. I miss the lunacy.

Stephen Bisette and John Totleben.

Khari Evans is back as of this week–Carbon Grey #1 from Image.

I would love to see more comics work from writer Mike W. Barr. I enjoyed his Batman (with and without the Outsiders), Star Trek, and Maze Agency work. I just got his novel, but I haven’t had a chance to read it.

How about artist June Brigman? Her Power Pack run was fantastic.

I wish writer Ann Nocenti would do more comic book work, the recent Daredevil short story wasn’t enough to sate my appetite. The Longshot mini was one of the best that Marvel produced in the ’80s, and her longer Daredevil run was most impressive.

More work from artist José Luis García-López is always welcome. He is almost criminally underrated as a superhero artist. I dream of him taking a tour through the Marvel universe. That he didn’t appear in the CSBG list of top 50 artists is just wrong.

And if we are going for a dream list, how about Jim Steranko?

Linda Medley. I miss regular installments of Castle Waiting.

Guy Davis. Man, did I love Sandman Mystery Theater.

Tom Grummett. I loved his work on Superman & the Titans.

Oh, and we need more Denys Cowan!

would also love to see the legendary jim Steniko come back to do comics. that along with Alan moore otherwise would love every one on this list to come back and do more work

would also love to see the legendary jim Steniko come back to do comics.

Do you mean Steranko? Never heard of a Steniko.

Lee: June Brigman was drawing the Brenda Starr newspaper strip, which just wrapped up a couple months ago. Not sure if she has anything planned after that.

Paul Ryan still does comics… The Phantom for King Features.
Akira Toriyama is working on the Dragon Ball video game.
Denys Cowan works at BET.
Tom Grummett worked recently on X-Men Forever.
Guy Davis works on BPRD.
“Medley is currently working on a series of nine graphic novels based on L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz books.” (Wikipedia)
Mike W. Barr did a recent Christmas story for Bongo.
June Brigman produced the Brenda Starr comic strip, and teaches at SCAD.
Ann Nocenti teaches film in Haiti!
Stephen R. Bissette teaches at CCS and writes one of the best blogs about comics!
Norm Breyfogle works on the excellent “Life With Archie” magazine.
Devin Grayson works in the video game industry, but she did have a story in Girl Comics #1
Rob Schrab has an art book due out this month.
Chas Truog illustrates. Check his site for a fun comic strip!
Roger Stern… Doctor Strange: From the Marvel Vault in 2011. Captain America: Forever Allies in 2010.
Ben Edlund is the executive producer on Supernatural.

And Chip Diller is currently serving as a missionary in Africa.

Brian Clopper

March 3, 2011 at 1:37 pm

How about Dan Chichester?


Where to begin?

Artists: Travis Charest, Larry Stroman, Michael Golden, Mike Dringenberg, Geof Darrow and John van Fleet
Writers: Jamie Delano, Ann Nocenti, John Ney Rieber, Dan Curtis Johnson, John Francis Moore, and yes Christopher Priest!!

Truog was working on an Octobriana comic, but I dunno if it’ll come out.

@Rob S.
Guy Davis has drawn a lot of Hellboy spinoff BPRD for Dark Horse.

Jim DeLorenzo

March 3, 2011 at 2:08 pm

Showing my age: Steranko. Neal Adams (Batman Odyssey doesn’t count). Murphy Anderson.

I’ll add to the list: I want to read new work from Priest!

Others: BKV, Ann Noncenti, Travis Charest, Crisscross

Damian Scott showed up in a comment thread at the Cool Kids Table a while back and promised he’d be at NYCC next year, but yeah…he’s in Japan for now.

Well, I’ve been thinking abut this lately.

Would love to see whatever happened to these 90’s creators… Hugh Haynes, Jack C. Harris, M. C. Wyman, Stephen Platt, Richard Bennett, Tom Grindberg, Glenn Herdling, Carl Potts, Kevin Hopgood, Grey, Bart Sears and so many others.

Though he’s not mainstream, I miss Howard Cruise’s work. His artwork was always very polished and professional.

Dan Curtis Johnson.

Definitely Priest. And those fans who haven’t checked it out should look up ‘Xero’ , a series he wrote that I was a huge fan of as a kiddo.

I wish Bill Mantlo was well enough to return to comics.

Darko Macan wote my all-time favorite Star Wars series for DHC and it was all about Sith. The main sith was Barth Bane. Anyone know if this was ever collected. His run on Cable was amazing as well.

In addition to wanting Priest to come back I’ll also put in votes for Dennys Cowan, Crisscross, Steve Bissette, and Ann Nocenti. I wish John Totleben’s vision was good enough for him to work regularly too. I would also love to see new stuff from Peter B Gillis.

@Greg: Yep, that’s absolutely the same Joe Harris. Check out his new series SPONTANEOUS on Free Comic Book Day!

Chuck Austen, we all need someone to bitch about simultaneously.

Guy Davis also works on his awesome series The Marquis which everyone should give a try

I am the ghost formerly known as Joseph Harris… yes, same guy. There were a lot of “Joes” working at Marvel at the time and I, in the folly of youth, thought “Joseph” sounded really grown up and distinguished. :)

Now it just confuses people. But maybe it works in my favor somehow?

I have to disagree about Barry Windsor-Smith. Since coming back to comics in the 80’s, all of his stuff has been mundane and unimaginitive. Personally, I hope he resurrects The Gorblimey Press, where I think he really shined.

Michael Purdy

March 4, 2011 at 9:36 am

Anybody else still remember Gerard Jones, the guy who wrote the mind-blowing Green Lantern: Mosaic series in the early 1990s? Would love to see him back writing comics. Ditto on Priest, Nocenti and Mantlo. And what the heck is Walt Simonson up to nowadays?

Other than Ex Machina, what else has BKV done creator-owned to make him “[a]rguably one of the 21st century’s most successful creator-owned comic creators”?

Not to disparage BKV or Ex Machina in the slightest, as I am a fan of both, but it just seems like an odd description to apply.

Neil Gaiman. Ann Nocenti. and i wish Jim Starlin would return to Marvel cosmic characters.

Brian K Vaughan did Y THE LAST MAN!

C’mon. that’s a bigger one than Ex Machina, right?

My list is simple:

Frank Quitely.

And Ryan Sook, John Paul Leon, Mike Mignola on a regular basis.

Dax: I just picked up a bundle of Jim Starlin’s DREADSTAR, it’s the best stuff. I might throw half of my comics in the garbage on the strength of these back issues.

Yeah… How does someone know Vaughan but NOT know Y The Last Man? Between Y and Ex Machina, I think it’s safe to say he’s one of the top creator-owned writers in recent years. Pride of Baghdad was a fine read too.

What’s this Batman collection of BKV’s that DC “just put out”? False Faces? That’s actually been out for quite awhile.

Anyhow, put me down for wanting more BKV greatness. Soon.

I think Mike Grell has done other work in recent years (I just haven’t read any of it), but I really miss his Green Arrow run from 90s… I’d love to see him write for Ollie again.

I’d also like to see Jim Lee actually drawing comics again.

I’d love to see my old triumvirate of D.M.’s back in the spotlight again — David Michelinie (w/Bob Layton) on Iron Man, Doug Moench (w/Mike Zeck) on Master of Kung Fu, and Don McGregor (w/Craig Russell) on Killraven and on Black Panther with anybody!
On the artist side, definitely Garcia-Lopez on Jonah Hex (or anything else you can nail him down for!), Nick Cardy (on a Brave & the Bold redux), and all four members of The Studio: Michael Wm. Kaluta, Bernie Wrightson, Barry Windsor-Smith, and Jeffrey Jones.

Artist – Travis Charest, Jim Lee, Geoff Darrow, Frank Miller, Larry Stroman, Stephen Platt, Aron Wiesenfeld, Joe Quesada, Mitch Bryd and Paul Smith.
Wriers – Christina Z, Chuck Dixon, Jim Starlin, Roger Stern, Marv Wolfman, Jim Shooter,

The lack of BWS work on the racks is a crime against comics.

Frank Cirrocco he did the art for the first couple of issues of Alien Legion then left the industry for video games.

So, so many!

Marvel seem to have some great “Exclusive” artists who just seem to do covers and little else – I’m thinking of the excellent Brandon Peterson in particular. It’s been ages since he did interior art and I’d be at the front of the queue for it if it happened.

And what happened to David Aja??? Had a brilliant run on Iron Fist – at the time (IMO) the best book Marvel was putting out. I thought he’d be a shoe-in to take over as the regular artist on Daredevil when Michael Lark left, but he’s done a few covers and short stories here and there and that’s it. The guy is amazing his designe work and layouts are just phenomenal – bring him back!

Joe Madureira is an obvious one. Anyone else remember Tom Tenney who drew the early issues of Force Works in the 90s? He was the latest in a long line of “hot” artists who did a few issues, got poached by Image and was never heard of again. Had a nice art style – sort of a mix of Barry Windsor-Smith and Jae Lee.

Mark “Tex” Texeira seems to have dropped of the face of the earth as well. His Punisher and Ghost Rider (and Wolverine) in the 90s were excellent. One of the few hot artists in the 90s Image never got hold of (a brief Union mini-series excepted).

And Brian K Vaughan from the original article is a brilliant shout writer wise. Loved his Mystique series for Marvel, as well as Y and Ex Machina obviously.

And as an Englishmen, so many artists I grew up with in the UK comic industry who had brief careers in the US seem to have disappeared forever – Geoff Senior, Andy Wildman (Transformers, GI Joe and Spider-man 2009 – he was everywhere for a while!), John Ridgway, Dan Reed, Will Simpson (his Hellblazer run with Garth Ennis was my first brush with DC), Jeff Anderson, Stephen Baskerville, Jim Murray…

I’ll stop now!

Whatever happened to Mike Baron?

Joss Whedon…

A lot of great choices on this list, but I’m wondering if anyone else misses Graham Nolan? He was my favorite Bat-artist growing up and I don’t think I’ve seen him do anything else, especially not recently. I keep on coming back to those comics and just love his clean and dynamic style.

A huge agreement on both Priest and Vaughan needing to return.

@Cory “speaking of jae lee works, where has paul jenkins gone?”

He’s around, but Marvel just puts him on tie-ins for their crossovers (which always end up being terrible) or oddball projects like “Mythos” that don’t serve any purpose and don’t get any real promotion. I really wish he would reteam with Jae Lee, Mark Buckingham (is he still working on Fables?), or Paulo Rivera and do something worthwhile again.

I’d like to see some new work by Steve Skroce, specifically a new issue of Doc Frankenstein. I reread the existing 6 issues the other day, and they’re great! Would love for the story to be concluded.

More Mike Zeck is always a great thing. A sequel of sorts to the Cap/Deathlock storyline he did would be all sorts of awesome. Especially if guest-stars the Punisher.

One Eyed Monster

March 6, 2011 at 7:47 am

David Aja. He did Iron Fist, then one issue of Daredevil. Now he just does a few covers. 5 Ronin covers right now. I want him back!

Priest and Andy Helfer

Writers- Scott Lobdell, Alan Davis, Steve T Seagle, BVK
Artists- Joe Madureira, Martin Egeland(sp?),stephen platt, dan norton, mark texeira, Jim Lee but on X-Men!!! Ok so he’s with DC now so maybe Justice League.

Count me as another person that would LOVE to see Christopher Priest return to comics. He was a talented voice that should be allowed to flourish in the field of graphic storytelling.

More David Mazzucchelli !!!!

Soooooo many creators I’d like to see new work from (on the big 2 that is)
Paul Ryan
Dan Fraga
Mike Zeck
Mike Mignola
Gene Ha
Travis Charest
Roger Stern
Ann Nocenti
Christopher Priest

I second the request for Mike Zeck. Can we bring John Beatty back to ink his pencils as well? That would be excellent.

Lee Weeks (needs to be on a monthly)
Brian Bolland (more than covers)
Adam Hughes (more than covers)
Oscar Jimenez
Travis Charest
Paul Ryan

BKV’s return project should team him with Alphona, another artist whose work I miss to follow up Runaways.

Brian K. Vaughan for sure – Robot 6 – In the blurb you mention The hood and don’t mention Y the last man? His number 1 creator work! haha… Although Ex Machina is right up there. Buying the HCs – so I haven’t read it all yet! ;)

Priest – Steel, JL Task Force and The Ray are 3 of my favorite series!

Mike W Bar – Both his Batman and Outsiders (all 3 runs!) work is amazing!

@Iching – I’m with you on Martin Egeland – he defined Aquaman for me! A great talent!

Artist JJ Kirby did some great work in the wildstorm books. Backlash and DV8. I even brought some of his original work! Love it!

And would love to see more from Steve Sadowski too!

The One and Only

March 6, 2011 at 8:59 am

Norm Breyfogle (Detective Comics, Batman, Prime) I haven’t seen him since he did that Hellcat mini back in 2000. He was always a favorite.
Paul Ryan, for all the criticism his run got on FANTASTIC FOUR, which was due to Tom DeFalco’s writing, his clean & clear art style was always the highlight. Comics could use him again.
Tom Grummet was the artist on CHAOS WAR:DEAD AVENGERS. But dagnabbit the man should be headlining a book like the Spider-Man titles, or regular Avengers. Maybe his style is too “old school” for Joe Quasimodo’s rock stars.

Angry Old Reader

March 6, 2011 at 9:23 am

Steranko, Denny O’Neil, Roger Stern, Michael Fleisher, Mike Royer, Steve Rude, Mark Schultz, Bruce Timm, Joe Kubert (on Tor) Mike Kaluta and Barry Windsor-Smith. And while you’re at it, if you could resurrect Jack Kirby from the grave, that would be nice, too. The VAST majority of the greatest talents in comics history have now gone on to The Great Beyond, and the modern industry is certainly not making much use of the handful of Giants who are still with us. To paraphrase The Righteous Brothers: “If you believe in forever, then life is just a one night stand. If there’s a comic book Heaven, well you know they’ve got a hell of a bullpen.” Sorry, I know that doesn’t quite rhyme, but you get the idea.

Michael M Jones

March 6, 2011 at 9:33 am

Wow. So many writers I didn’t realize had backed off or left comics altogether. I loved Priest’s work on Black Panther and Quantum and Woody. He’s welcome back anytime.

I’d love to see more work from Bob McLeod. Those initial New Mutants issues were crisp and clean.

Of course, if I was working miracles, I’d want to bring back Jack Kirby, Bill Mantlo, Dwayne MacDuffie, and Mark Gruenwald.

There are a few writers:

Reiber (loved what he did with Cap)
Priest (I miss him not only on BP but I thought his SPIDER-MAN work was good)
Beau Smith (anyone who has read GUY GARDNER: WARRIOR should see why)
Marc Andreyco (MANHUNTER was excellent and I’d like more from him)
Roy Thomas (look at his INFINITY INC and INVADERS stuff, not to mention ALL-STAR SQUADRON they just don’t write like that anymore, and I love that Roy took the time to do research into WWII before inserting the characters so there was a degree of historical accuracy)
Roger Stern (if you want to know why just read AVENGERS UNDER SIEGE!)



Scott Lantern

March 6, 2011 at 9:48 am

Steve Skroce!

Simon Bowland

March 6, 2011 at 9:56 am

For those of you mentioning Tom Grummett – he’s been working for Marvel regularly over the past few years, on EXILES and X-MEN FOREVER and, from issue #626, on INCREDIBLE HULKS (now back down to $2.99!).

Steve Skroce

Dan Curtis Johnson

Adrian Alphona

Tom Peyer

J. Kirby


Bret Blevins & Bob McLeod. Their “New Mutants” work in the 80s was epic. McLeod’s 59, but that’s not a big thing. Ditko’s 83 and still puts out stuff independently, afaik. I know that Blevins & McLeod have done comic related pinups and commissions since their (relative) exits, but I’d love to see more. Sporadic work like “New Mutants Forever” isn’t enough.

casual comics reader

March 6, 2011 at 10:22 am

Brad Meltzer and Greg Rucka need to return to DC right now!

Button Man’s Arthur Ranson. Eduardo Risso. Frank Quitely doing non-superhero stuff like We3. P Craig Russell, Shanower’s Age of Bronze. Mike Carey. Esad Ribic. Alex Ross interiors. Joe Kubert. Barron Storey.

Neil Gaiman …and I miss all of the Sandman artists, there just hasn’t been another project that lifted any of them like that.

I’d like to see more from Igor Kordey – horribly unappreciated by comics fandom at the time, put on a book and into a situation which didn’t suit him (fill in on New X-Men – I still liked it though) but, in his understated way, something of a genius. His work on Batman/Tarzan was stunning – classically gorgeous, but with plenty of inventive, “modern” touches.

As a huge Bat-fan in the early ’90s, I feel compelled to point out that the incredible Norm Breyfogle is very much around and is drawing Life with Archie for Archie Comics. Similarly, Graham Nolan recently returned to comics after a too-long sabbatical by drawing several Marvel Adventures all-ages books. I never read them myself, but I remember seeing several articles maybe a year or so ago.

Christopher Priest!

His Black Panther was genius.

BWS: “…the guy who made Wolverine cool with the Weapon X storyline…”
I think Wolverine was already one of Marvel’s hottest property way before BWS put his touch on him.
I think John Byrne (during his original run on UNCANNY X-MEN) was the first one to really made Wolverine the coolest X-Men. Frank Miller on Wolerine’s first mini-series also added a lot of “cool factor” to the canadian mutant. Oh, and Chris Claremont might have something to do with Wolverine’s success… ;p

MD (Mark) Bright. He established the “look” of Green Lantern in the 1990s.

According to wikipedia, working as a storyboard artist now.

@EnnisEllis – Tex (and the also missed Javier Saltares) did some stuff on the last run of ghost rider (ironically)

Sam Keith

Norm Breyfogle on Batman again

Steve Rude in the mainstream titles

Adrian Alphona
Adam Pollina (I loved his X-Force)

IMO, none of these creators got the credit they deserved. I would buy anythng from them.

Christopher Priest, his lengthy run on Black Panther and Quantum & Woody remain two of my favorite comic series of all time.

@Stealthwise – Doesn’t Bruce Jones have a new project on the horizon?

I thought Damion Scott’s artwork got less comprehensible as time went on (parts of his solo issue were almost unreadable, if interesting to look at). And as someone mentioned, the Raven mini was pretty bad.

That said, I would buy a new Cassandra Cain book done by him and Kelley Puckett (who has vanished into the ether as well after DC basically called his Supergirl work crappy in public at cons) in a heartbeat.

Definitely would love to see the following ones return to comics (especially Marvel)……

Brian K Vaughan, June Brigman, Jon Bogdanove & Adrian Alphona

Steve Ditko.

Priest without question. His work was greatly under appreciated. I still remembered Bart Sears artwork sinked Captain America and Falcon before Bennet came aboard.

Christopher Priest; Mark Bright; Larry Stroman

When I began collecting comics in the mid 80s, it was Mike Zeck’s Punisher and Frank Miller’s Daredevil that drew me in hook, line and sinker. If marvel could get Zeck back on Punisher full-time, they wouldn’t have to reboot the title constantly. Same for Daredevil. If they could get Miller to write and draw the title again like David Finch is doing for Batman at DC, it would instantly be one of Marvel’s best books in years.

I might have missed it, but I saw no mention yet of James Jean, probably the best cover artist of the modern era. He left Vertigo’s Fables after an epic run for “more serious” artistic pursuits, but left a legacy that few artists in the the industry will ever attain to.

Cassaday was brilliant on Planetary and I am Legion from Humanoids, but some of his recent cover work has been sloppy and uninspired. I think he see’s his future lying outside the comics medium for now.

re:Benday-dot; Steve Ditko is still putting out new creator-owned work (as well as repackaged work) through Robin Snyder. Not bad for an 83-year-old ^_^.

“DC basically called his Supergirl work crappy in public at cons”

Wow, they actually said that at cons about Kelly Pucket?

Oh god, just go down the list, lol.

Travis Charest way at the top, man I loved his Wildcats stuff.
Ivan Velez, who had a really underrated Ghost Rider run in the late 90s
Marcelo Frusin
Matt Wagner as an artist
Liam Sharpe
Dough Meonch
Ramon Bachs (who may still be doing stuff, I don’t know; I just loved Batman: City of Crime a lot)
Ann Nocenti, definitely

And I’m sure many, many more that I’ve forgotten.

ChrisCross was recently at a signing at Jim Hanley’s in New York City. He’s doing a story arc in Superman/Batman.

I’d love to see Roy Thomas write more adventures of the All-Star Squadron and Invaders (And, by the way, I would love for J. Michael Straczynski finish The Twelve)

Chynna Clugston wrote and drew Blue Monday for Oni off and on. I would love to see that pop up again.

Tom Lyle, John J Muth, Bill Sienkiewicz, Glenn Fabry, Simon Bisley (more than the occasional Hellblazer issue), Gene Ha

I’m for Christopher Priest as well. I listened to an interview he did a year or so ago at thedollarbin. He said he wasn’t opposed to coming back, but I think he wants someone to offer him something. And I REALLY want a proper ending to Quantum and Woody.

Priest is the first name to come to my mind as well. His work is both funny and thoughtful, and he seems like such a nice guy, too.

Unfortunately, finding a thread full of people clamoring for his return despite the fact that he could never really get a big audience is just par for the course. His fans are loyal, but unfortunately there just don’t seem to be as many of us as you’d think from this thread.

Michael T. Gilbert and Steve Rude

James Sherman
Roy Thomas
Steve Lightle
Cary Bates
Paul Smith
Terry Shoemaker
Pat Broderick
Brian Bolland
Bob McCleod
Paul Kupperburg

Three Guys:

1. Mike Zeck – I could read Secret Wars over and over again just for his art.

2. Graham Nolan- His Batman stuff is highly underated and incredible. Why isn’t his name included when people talk about the great Batman artists? Criminal!

3. Keiron Dwyer-His Captain America run is my all time favourite!!

I wasn’t aware that some of these people had LEFT comics. Sure guys like CrissCross aren’t getting as much work as they deserve but they’re still around.

Devin Grayson

Adrian Alphona
Frank Brunner

(I’m tempted to say Sal Buscema and Jim Steranko but I kind of hope those guys don’t NEED to work at that age).

Walt Simonson – His Thor run is second only to Kirby. His Fantastic Four is third behind only Byrne and Lee/Kirby. I’d love to see this guy on a monthly again.

Rick Leonardi – One of my all-time favorite pencilers, the definitve Cloak and Dagger artist. Works far too sporadic these days.

There are tons of indie creators who are MIA:
Chynna Clugston – as the previous commenter noted, Blue Monday is sorely missed
Jhonen Vasquez – Invader Zim has been off the air for years. Come back to comics and do something more than half-assed, one-shot filler specials every few years.
Christie Norrie – I loved Hopeless Savages. Would love to see her team up with Van Meter gain.
Andi Watson – Was as prolific as they come for a decade. What’s he doing now?

And as far as mainstream creators, what ever happened to Ron Lim? He was Marvel’s go-to guy for everything in the late 80s and 90s.

Like to see more work from guys who could draw anything well, including Kerry Gammill, Gordon Purcell, Jerome Moore and Paris Cullins. And stories by Plunkett, Dixon and Stern!

1. David Michelinie writing the Avengers and Iron Man

2. John Byrne (work for Marvel)

3. Keith Pollard

4. Allan Moore (Work for DC/Vertigo)

5. Frank Miller (work for Marvel)

6. Bill Willingham going back to being an artist as well as a writer

7. Sandy Plunkett

8. Matt Wagner Artist and Writer on a new on-going Grendel series

9. Bob Layton back on Iron Man with David Michelinie

10. Stephen Platt on Spider-Man and Moon Knight (and bring back the original Frenchie from the original series!!)

Wow, nobody even mentioned the guy who made Strikeforce: Morituri (who I thought was beyond its time) and Strange Tales (with Richard Case). Where has Peter Gilis gone to?

I think he should revive Strikeforce: Morituri and end it the way he wanted it to end. A reunion of sorts with Brad Anderson and Scott Williams.

Dave Ross from avengers west coast; Roy Thomas; Tom Morgan; Olivier coipel; Alex Ross; Kurt busiek; John byrne; geoff senior; grant miehm; Roger stern; Ron lim; marv wolfman; Len strazewski; Alan Davis

Ugh, I mean “advanced for its time”.
And whatever happened to Killian Plunkett?!?!?

My vote goes to Keith Pollard. He left around the mid nineties but not before doing some strong runs for Marvel.

Lets see…
Paul pope-waiting on that battling boy book…
Bart sears-loved his run on jle
steve lightle-amazing artist-sadly no long runs on any book
adam hughes-somebody said it best-covers arent enough!
Joe mad-great artist-didnt like the uninked art in ultimates
mark schultz-amazing artist!
Jae lee-get this guy a regular gig!
Ladronn-what has he been up to?
Travis charest- the detail he puts into his work is amazing!
Alan davis-i’ll buy anything he works on
bvk-brilliant and daring!
Alan moore-the best!

Im sure ive missed alot of creators who have left the comix industry over the years. Peace!


Chris Schillig

March 7, 2011 at 2:45 am

Those needing a Norm Breyfogle fix should check out the monthly LIFE WITH ARCHIE, where he pencils both “Archie Marries Betty” and “Archie Marries Veronica.” Great work!

I would love to see Dale Keown do a Hulk six part run or something and it doesn’t have to be the Hulk, even the new Alpha Flight series coming…maybe a six part run. Also Steven Butler, I know he works for Archie Comics, but I would love to see him again at marvel.

Dave Cummings

March 7, 2011 at 6:47 am

Bomber Moran- Killian Plunkett is one of the chief character designers for the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. The DVDs have little art booklets that have some of his designs in there.

There are way too many artists that got drawn into (no pun intended) the movie/TV/video game production world.
Steve Skroce does storyboards for all the Wachowski’s movies
Stephen Platt and Dan Fraga do movie storyboards and music videos
Joe Mad designs video games
Dave Johnson has done stuff in animation
Same with Eric Canete, he did storyboards in the recent All Star Superman animated movie
and so on.

I can understand why. They can get paid a hell of alot more money for their work.

Rick Leonardi
Jim Steranko
Greg Rucka
Travis Charest
Stephen Platt
David Mazzucchelli
Mike Zeck
Brian Hitch

Joseph olesco

March 7, 2011 at 7:49 am

John bogdanove. i love his work on superman back in the 90’s
Tom Mcweeney. the only copy of this guys work that i have are his gen 13 christmas special and his backup feature in gen 13 issues 1 tom 3.I would dearly love to see more.

Brandon Yates

March 7, 2011 at 8:23 am


I have no new names to offer but I’d read pretty much ANYTHING new by:
Joss Whedon
Christopher Priest
DeFillipis & Weir

Would also love to see some new interior work from:
Adrian Alphona
Bryan Hitch
Joe Quesada
Jim Lee
John Paul Leon
Joe Madureira
Arthur Adams (Its been like 5 months since the last issue of Ultimate X and that is clearly not enough Art Adams for my liking)

Also need me some more JK Woodward!

Ed (A Different One)

March 7, 2011 at 10:13 am

Scrolling through the list I was surprised the see Rick Leonardi conspicuously absent until I hit Dan’s post about 3/4 of the way down the page. I thought those issues of Spider-Man 2099 that he did with PAD were criminally under-rated, and I still pull them out for a re-read once or twice a year. I used to also enjoy when he would show up as a fill-in penciler on ASM or PPTSSM way, way, way back in the day.

As far as writers go, I know he’s been doing some “spot” work for Marvel over the past couple of years, but I would love to see old Uncle Rog assigned to an ongoing series sometime here soon. As a writer, I always thought that Stern “gained steam” on a title the longer he worked on it, and it just doesn’t seem like he has the opportunity to do that with the work that Marvel has been giving him lately (though I did enjoy his few story-arcs on ASM during the BND era, and his recent Cap work on Forever Allies). Imagine what this guy could do if he really had the chance to work on a series over the course of a year or more.

And what the heck has Sam Keith been doing nowadays? I always thought that The Maxx was, by far, the best work that came out of the early Image days.

Chuck Dixon. Put him on a book and let him do his own thing, and as a result you’ll have something fun and action-packed and accessible to newcomers.

Micah Wright

his Stormwatch Team Achillies was a great book,.okay so he lied about his military service, but surely thats all water under the bridge now

Andrew Collins

March 7, 2011 at 1:11 pm

Where has Peter Gilis gone to?

He just wrote THE LAST UNICORN comic over at IDW

And what the heck has Sam Keith been doing nowadays?

He had a story in BATMAN: CONFIDENTIAL not too long ago and just had a new 30 DAYS OF NIGHT project with Steve Niles announced, also coming out from IDW.

Jim Steranko of course – a proper story, not just another cover. The great lost talent.
Frank Brunner – yes, what has happened to Frank Brunner? Is he still around even?
John Byrne – yes, I know he does little-known characters, but I want him set loose on the big guns again with Terry Austin on inks.
Dan Chichester – back at Marvel, on something espionage-related.
Alan Davis – writing and drawing regularly.
Steve Rude – much as I like Nexus, I drool at the idea of him on Dr Strange or Dan Dare.
P Craig Russell – still doing operas? How about Ka-Zar or a jungle book instead?
Walt Simonson – on a regular series.
Roger Stern – he does the odd story for Marvel, but I’d love to see him as the regular writer on the Avengers – he does particularly well with team books and his run on the Avengers was up with the best.

Wow—can’t take the time to go through all the previous posts, but a lot of good names show up in the ones I did read. So far, though, I seem to be the first to mention John Arcudi, and only the second to bring up Gerard Jones.

Pat Broderick
James Sherman
Terry Austin
Trevor Von Eeden
Mike W. Barr
Steve Englehart
George Freeman

stefano gaudiano

March 7, 2011 at 3:24 pm



to return to Marvel as Writer/Penciller with Terry Austin as Inker, a must.

I,d kike to see Gerry Conway writing spidey again , Diko and Lee doing Spidey one last time(if only for a few pages even.)
. Ron Wilson on the Thing again.
J. M. DeMatteis if his work was as good as Kraven’s Last Hunt and his Spectacular Spiderman run with Sal Buscema.
Walt Simonson back on Avengers or Fantastic Four.
Steve Englehart
David Michelinie Because I loved his spidey and Venom’s been crap since he stopped writing him
June Brigman( her Power Pack was great)
Louise Simonson back at Marvel
Jim Shooter as a writer at Marvel

kevin patterson

March 7, 2011 at 5:03 pm

PLENTY of talented people who should be doing more. I haven’t fact checked but to my knowledge all still potentially able to re-enter comics …

Alan Brennert: His output was small but wrote some of the best Batman comics (and included in the very first hardcover collection of “Greatest Batmans Stories Ever Told” )
Travis Charest: Even more scarce in past decade than Cassaday
Paul Gulacy: Likewise for past five years, I think his last was Hyperion/Nighthawk mini
P. Craig Russell
Mark Badger: His watercolors for The Score were awesome and one of the earliest adopters of anything beyond pen/ink. Doing his own web comics but wish he was in mainstream comics again
Gerard Jones: Writer for The Score and the initially fun Wonder Man
Richard K. Morgan: any faults of his Black Widow miniseries I blame on scribbly art but he’s a great sci-fi writer who should have been pressed into doing more for comics
Terry Austin: Classic X-Men and Batman inker
Paul Smith: Classic X-Men penciller
Mark Texeira

Micah Wright

I want he writing Doc Savage.

SPLATT….. that guy was amazing
PRIEST… black panther and Quantum and Woody were masterpieces

Bill Watterson Yes! the Calvin and Hobbes comic is timeless but could have made a huge splash in other media. A Cartoon series or a live action movie but there has been nothing since it ended in newspapers. If you pull out a dictionary and look up “Quit while you’re ahead,” Bill Watterson’s picture is there


Mike Mignola, men! Steve Rude (I know he is producing, but in a sparce way!); Phil Gimenez! Clayton Crain! Philip Bond! Dave McKean!

Walt Simonson on a reg run would be awesome!!!
Mike Zeck for sure…
Ron Lim and Ron Frenz would be sweet!! ( A revamped silver surfer maybe?)
Joe Mad, Mark Tex, Jae Lee,CrissCross,Purcell
No one mentioned this guy yet, his art wasn’t really flashy or trendy…I think that’s why I liked him so much…
Alex Saviuk…in the 90’s I thought Web of Spider-Man was my fave of the family…
Oh god, Busiek back on the Avengers would be fantastic(you have a lot to learn, Bendis!!)

Oh yeah, mucho props for Joe Bennet, Paul Jenkins (just not Sentry), Bill Willingham, and Roger Stern

@matthew, 1st comment — here’s what Nicholas Gurewitch has been up to lately:

Igor Kordey draws THE SECRET HISTORY for Archaia – there are 15 or 16 issues out so far, I think.

I haven’t seen Darko Macan’s work in the U.S. in ages – about a decade ago, he wrote some Disney comics for European publishers. His GRENDEL TALES stories with Edvin Biukovic are among my all-time favorite comics.

I believe Travis Charest’s interior work is in the new WEAPONS OF THE METABARONS hardcover that just came out.

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