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Comics A.M. | Amazing Fantasy #15 brings $1.1M; CCI hotel blocks

Amazing Fantasy #15

Comics | A near-mint copy of Amazing Fantasy #15, the 1962 comic featuring the first appearance of Spider-Man, was purchased in a private sale on Monday for $1.1 million — short of the record $1.5 million paid in March 2010 for Action Comics #1. “The fact that a 1962 comic has sold for $1.1 million is a bit of a record-shattering event,” says Stephen Fishler, chief executive of “That something that recent can sell for that much and be that valuable is awe-inspiring.” [The Associated Press]

Comic-Con | Hotel reservations for Comic-Con International open this morning at 9 PT. A preliminary list of hotels included in the Comic-Con block is available on the convention website. [Comic-Con International]

Comic-Con | ICv2 has announced it will host the its Comics, Media and Digital Conference on July 20, in conjunction with Comic-Con International. [ICv2]

Retailing | Suppliers have begun filing motions for Borders Group to return unpaid stock, with magazine publisher Source Interlink — one of the retailer’s largest creditors, owed nearly $7 million — wanting everything it’s shipped to the chain so far this year. [eBookNewser]

Stu Levy

Publishing | Calvin Reid charts “the rise and fall of Tokyopop,” focusing on founder and CEO Stu Levy. [Publishers Weekly]

Publishing | John Hogan marks the fifth anniversary of First Second with a Q&A with Editorial Director Mark Siegel and Editor Calista Brill, and a walk through the cover-design process with Art and Design Editor Colleen AF Venable. “The publication of The Photographer still marks one of the proudest moments in my life, maybe THE proudest,” Brill says. “I can’t state strongly enough how much it meant to me to be involved in that book.” [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Publishing | J. Caleb Mozzocco looks at the dwindling sales of JLA/The 99, a miniseries announced with much fanfare then largely forgotten. [Every Day Is Like Wednesday]

Creators | Danica Davidson interviews bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton about the Anita Blake comics. [Graphic Novel Reporter]

Creators | Brian Truitt spotlights Andrew Rostan, Dave Valeza and Kate Kasenow, creators of the Archaia graphic novel An Elegy for Amelia Johnson. [USA Today]

Creators | Jim Shooter has launched a blog — and a Twitter account. [Jim Shooter]



This show spiderman is up there as one of the most recognizable fictional characters of all time superman batman spiderman that’s the list

I’m pretty sure the person who paid a million dollars for Amazing Fantasy 15 was swindled badly. I took a quick peek on eBay to see how much copies were going for, and I spotted several FN issues in the ten to twenty thousand dollar range. I’d expect NM to fetch quite a bit more, but still, we’re talking on the order of a few hundred thousand, nowhere even in the same ball park as a million. Then again, I suppose if you have a million dollars to drop on a comic book, money isn’t much of a concern to begin with.

The difference between a copy on eBay that the seller lists as VF or NM is the fact that they have not actually been graded. This one was graded at 9.6 the highest ever for this book. It seems that things are worth someone is willing to pay for them. In this case it was worth over a mil.!

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