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Comics A.M. | Borders switches facility closing; effects of Tokyo law


Retailing | The struggling Borders Group, which filed for bankruptcy protection on Feb. 16, has reversed its January decision to close the distribution center in LaVergne, Tenn. The bookseller will instead shut down its warehouse in Carlisle, Penn., leaving the facility in Tennessee and another in California. [Nashville Business Journal, via]

Legal | A handful of publishers address what effect Tokyo’s revised ordinance further restricting the sale of sexually explicit manga to minors might have on the industry. “This ordinance could attack the creativity of genuine authors, not just attacking perverted comics,” says Pascal Lafine of Tonkam, a French publisher of manga. [The Mainichi Daily News]

Publishing | David Itzkoff profiles Marvel, tracing the company’s route from mid-1990s bankruptcy to its current place at the top of a struggling industry. [The New York Times]

Publishing | Jonathan Hickman, Scott Snyder and Nick Spencer talk about digital comics, television and movie adaptations and a changing industry. “We got to get our digital shit together. We haven’t yet, we’re very poor in that area, just because we’re in the beginning,” Hickman says. “Nobody gets it right. Once we get that started, we won’t have the distribution choke that we have right now in the direct market. Things will get more interesting. I don’t see any way we don’t expand in the next 10 years.” [Daily Trojan]

Fear Itself #1

Publishing | Matt Fraction and Tom Brevoort discuss Marvel’s next big event Fear Itself. [USA Today]

Creators | Michael Cavna spotlights Ferris State University student John Vestevich, winner of this year’s Charles M. Schulz Award for best college cartoonist. [The Washington Post]

Events | Peter B. Lord reports on the inaugural New England Comic Arts in the Classroom Conference, held Saturday at Rhode Island College in Providence. [Providence Journal]

Comics | Toby Walne examines the enduring popularity of Tintin, from an investment standpoint. [This is Money]

Comics | The A.V. Club crew runs down 13 comic-book characters with convoluted origins and confusing identities. [The A.V. Club]

Comics | Ben Gilbert looks back at Who’s Who in the DC Universe and The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. [Panels on Pages]



The USA Today link for Fear Itself is down.

Works for me, try again.

It’s good to continually see talented creators looking foward to what
digital comics can be.

The one thing that needs to be brought in the conversation is that it’s
not an either/or matter.

The overall mindset can’t be digital only or print til I die.

It’s gotta be provide any which way. Whichever form readers want to consume the stories,
it’s available.

With the exception of Monet, those origins didn’t seem that overly complicated or convoluted to me. I’m not left confused by any of that really.

Wow, thanks for aggregating my Daily Trojan column!

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