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J.H. Williams III wants the funk for Static cover

Static Shock Special

Artist J.H. Williams III shares what I believe is a variant cover for the upcoming Static Shock Special DC is putting out as a homage to Dwayne McDuffie. At least, the solicitation for the title lists Derec Donovan as the cover artist.

At any rate, it’s a wonderful piece of art that Williams says was inspired by funk music.

“I wanted to try some different things in attitude,” Williams wrote on his blog. “The Milestone characters always had this unusual quality to them, which I think made them pretty cool. And some of them seemed to have this Funk aspect to them. Now when I say Funk, I’m referring to Funk Music. So I decided to see if I could bring that more forward in attitude for this cover. The result is pretty effective. It still has this iconic quality that the genre should have, but now it feels like Funk meets Superheroes to me. Resulting in something different than what I usually do.”

You can see the steps in his creative process, from rough sketch to the final version, over on his blog. The comic comes out in June.



Doncha mean “Brings” the funk?

I kinda went back and forth on that … my original headline was “brings da funk” but then I thought I should take the opportunity to make a gratuitous George Clinton reference.

I want that framed and hanging on my wall! That is great art! WOW!!!

The cover looks absolutely spectacular. Great work, as always, J.H. I bet Dwayne would love it.

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