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Jim Shooter shoots from the hip on his new blog

Photo of Shooter by Seth Kushner

Ask someone in comics what they think about Jim Shooter, and you’re bound to get very strong, and very different, opinions. Sometimes, in fact, from the same person. The self-described  “writer. editor. large mammal.” has been innovative on several fronts, not only in founding Valiant, Defiant and Broadway, but also in serving as editor-in-chief of Marvel during the pivotal early ’80s, and even breaking into comics at the tender age of 13. And now he’s started telling stories about his time in the industry.

On the newly launched, the respected creator has begun talking at length about his experiences and acquaintances in comics — from Stan Lee to Mort Weisinger and more. Of particular interest to me has been a post about regrets he has in the industry, as well as describing that he pitched to DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes back then because he thought that team’s stories in Adventure Comics were the worst comics on shelves.



Jim Shooter is a terrifying man.

I had the privilege of meeting Jim Shooter at a book-signing last year. It was a great experience. He was cordial and candid, answered every question asked of him, and signed every book put in front of him. He was as nice to the oldest fanboys as he was to youngest comics fans (my 8 and 11 year olds among them). He is a class act.

Obligatory Shooter Joke: Man, he’s still scary after all these years! :D

More seriously now: After all I’ve read about him (and seen produced under him) I can conclude that he’s a true professional, very dedicated to his work, though possibly a bit too harsh on those who worked for him (but let’s not forget, the comic business is full of egos to begin with, who might not take discipline well either.)

I think I’ll check his blog out.

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