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Kapow! Comic Con takes aim at Guinness World Records

Superior #1

If the growing guest list isn’t enough to draw fans and media to the inaugural Kapow! Comic Con, Mark Millar & Co. are raising the stakes by setting their sights on two Guinness World Records that most probably didn’t know existed.

Millar and collaborator Leinil Yu have given permission for their Superior character to be used at the convention to help secure the records for Fastest Production of a Comic Book and Most Contributors to a Comic Book.

To do so, such attending creators as Paul Cornell, Andy Diggle, Dave Gibbons, Jock, Frank Quitely and John Romita Jr. will lend their time on April 9 to create a 20-page standalone comic. For the Fastest Production record, the entire issue — from concept to script to art to lettering — must be completed between 11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. A Guinness World Records official will be on-hand to certify the requirements have been met.

The finished product will be printed and distributed through Marvel’s Icon imprint, with all royalties going to Yorkhill Children’s Foundation, which provides enhanced medical equipment and resources for sick children and babies treated by Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow.



I’m sorry, but I feel as though the criteria will have to be more specific. Is this fastest team comic? Fastest comic put out by one of the big two? There are plenty of comics, and decent ones, available at SPX or Fluke that have been made in these time parameters. We do it at the school fairly regularly. And the most contributors to a comic book is laughable. I own half a dozen jam comics in which there are some fifteen people or twenty people working on the same story. And what about that Aliens comic from the late nineties? It had tons of people working on the same story. If you allow anthologies into the mix, it makes the purported goals of the project seem even more ludicrous.

I’m usually not one to try and inflame the differences between the indie side of the industry and the mainstream side, but this is a slap in the face to the former, which has been doing this type of thing for years. I’d hope that some of the folks who regularly participate in this sort of comic outdo the Marvel/Icon folks with this one – Lord knows they have the practice. I don’t know what requirements need to be met to get in touch with a Guinness official, but I hope they do so, because seriously, this is absurd.

The cause is worthy – I am not arguing that – but the conceit is so far removed from the reality of the current comics market as to strain credulity.

I see upon closer examination of the press release that every guest artist of the show is invited to contribute, so I concede that there is a possibility that there might be plenty for the “most contributors” aspect… IF comic book is more specifically defined by Guinness. I consider my stores comic books, even though they’re 200 pages and have spines. Are spined comics ineligible? Are anthologies? Is it “most contributors to a comic book with less than 24 pages?”

Again, this sounds like a very worthwhile project, but it shouldn’t be able to claim an official mantle that it may not earn.

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