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Kodansha to bring Sailor Moon back to the United States

Kodansha Comics stole a bit of thunder from C2E2 today with the announcement that they are bringing a classic manga series back to the U.S. market: Naoko Takeuchi’s Sailor Moon.

Speculation has been bubbling around the manga world for a while that Kodansha would bring back Sailor Moon, which was originally published in the United States by Tokyopop (then known as Mixx) but has been out of print for years. A magical-girl story about teenage girls who transform into superheroines to fight evil, Sailor Moon was the first successful shoujo manga and anime in the U.S. and helped pave the way for the manga revolution that followed. Sailor Moon is one of those books people get sentimental about—for a lot of readers and creators, especially women, it was their first comic. It looks like Kodansha is going for those older readers, as they are describing their release as a “deluxe edition,” rather than keeping them cheap for teenagers—who would probably find it laughably dated. Kids are cruel that way.

Kodansha plans to launch the new edition in September and publish a volume every two months. They will also be publishing the prequel, Codename: Sailor V, which has not been previously licensed in the U.S. They original series will follow the sequence of the 2003 Japanese re-release but collapse it from 18 volumes into 12 for the main story arc plus two more volumes of short stories. It sounds like they are doing a new translation, and the books will have new cover art and freshly retouched interior art.

Click for a look at the cover of Codename: Sailor V.



Awesome news! From my understanding, the 2003 re-release in Japan reorganized it into 14 volumes as well, so we’ll be getting the exact same order as that edition. Getting Sailor V is even awesomer- its chances seemed so slim, and now we’re getting the best edition possible. Hoping deluxe means we’ll get all the colourpages/extras the japanese 2003 ed. had [TPop’s left out the keen miniposters the original Nakayoshi edition had- glad I have a few of those]

I imagine some librarians will be excited to have a better bound edition of this too.

Yay! This was my first girl comic! And I loved the anime when I was a child. I frequently dressed up as Sailor Moon for Halloween. So this is nice news! Maybe I’ll read it again. :)

My daughter-in-law will be thrilled – she’s got Sailor Moon posters in the house. And yes, as a librarian, I am also very happy about the new editions. Those Mixx paperbacks drove me nuts – pages fell out so often, and with no page numbers, guess who had to read everything to put them back in order!

Alright news, now where are all the delayed titles?! NODAME CANTABILE FOR GOSH SAKES!!!!

im so glad! ive been waitng for this forever!! :)

This makes me ridiculously happy. I never had the chance to own the Tokyopop versions, so being able to buy these will be great, especially with the Sailor V prequel being included. Really can’t wait for September now!

As if the big pink omnibus re-release of Cardcaptor Sakura wasn’t getting me enough funny looks already…

Definitely putting this on “manga-to-watch” list. This and Dragon Ball Z made up my early childhood and both showed me what made Japanese cartoon series unique compared to American ones.

You never know, kids might be interested since I’m sure they’ve heard of Sailor Moon. Not all of them are cruel. :]

If all those people who said they would be buying Sailor Moon if they just licensed again are saying the truth then the release will be a sucess. I have 3 volumes of the Spanish edition, and all super S and most stars in the mexican, but I really want to buy this version :D The first volume is going to get in my pull list the very moment my comic shop tells me. ;D

I remember seeing the show when I was younger and loved it. I knew there was manga, but I never got one (sadly). I am glad they are bring it back so a new generation can enjoy it and the old fan fans can still have it!

Yes! I love sailormoon. Hopefully i’ll find one in english. This is what i have been waiting for. And sailor Venus is my fav!! ;)

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