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Manhattan quarantined in Marvel’s ‘Spider-Island’ summer event [Updated]

The Amazing Spider-Man #666

While Marvel fans knew the April-debuting “Infested” arc would put them on the path to “Spider-Island,” few details were known about the next big Spider-Man event. That is, until this evening.

On today’s episode of G4’s Attack of the Show, “Fresh Ink” host Blair Butler revealed that the storyline begins in August’s Amazing Spider-Man #667 as more than 16,000 New Yorkers begin to manifest abilities similar to Peter Parker. Among those residents embroiled in a spider-powered crime wave? Hawkeye and Shocker.

But as the crisis worsens, with many New Yorkers sprouting extra limbs, Mayor J. Jonah Jameson is forced to place Manhattan under quarantine. Hence, “Spider-Island.”

Butler teases that the event, by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos, will permanently change some of Spider-Man’s core cast members.

Watch the “Fresh Ink” segment after the break.

Update: Now with the official press release and cover art, after the break.

Marvel Announces SPIDER-ISLAND

Major New Storyline Begins in Amazing Spider-Man #667

New York, NY – March 23, 2011—Marvel is proud to announce Spider-Island, the comic book event of the summer from the best-selling creative team of Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos. Kicking off this August in Amazing Spider-Man #667 (with a special prelude in #666) the citizens of Manhattan—including some of Spidey’s closest allies and deadliest foes—begin exhibiting the web-slinger’s very own powers! But as Spider-Man must stop a seemingly insurmountable super powered crime wave, he must also find out just who’s responsible for mutating Manhattan…and the truth will irrevocably alter his world. Fans will get their first full-length lead in to Spider-Island in Marvel’s special issue of Amazing Spider-Man, available for free at all participating comic shops on May 7th, Free Comic Book Day.

“Back when Slott launched Spider-Man into the ‘Big Time’ last year, he started laying the groundwork for possibly the biggest Spider-Man story you’ve ever seen,” said Stephen Wacker, Marvel Senior Editor. “The price of power is high for heroes and villains. The Avengers, the FF, Venom, Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman, the Sinister Six and even YOU are connected to ol’ Web-Head in new ways. By the end of this story, we’re going to see what Spider-Man means to Marvel Universe and just how far he’ll go to keep it safe…including some life-changing choices that have major consequences.”

This summer, Spider-Island brings great power to nearly everyone in New York City…and it’s Spidey’s great responsibility to keep this chaos from spreading even further! But just what will Spider-Man have to sacrifice in the process?

Plus, don’t miss “Infested”, beginning in the pages of April’s Amazing Spider-Man #659 and setting the stage for the next big chapter in Spider-Man history!

The Amazing Spider-Man #667

The Amazing Spider-Man #668

The Amazing Spider-Man #669



Sounds fun!

[quote]Butler teases that the event, by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos, will permanently change some of Spider-Man’s core cast members.[quote/]

They will be permanently changed, or at least permanently for the next 6 months, when they will return to status quo for no reason or explanation!

I’m still not reading it.

With about one exception (of which I won’t mention) I’ll never read an issue of Amazing Spider-man again. What they did was terrible and unprofessional in my opinion. They told readers they had the biggest story of all time amongst a bunch of other garbage they promised us with a writer who couldn’t write the character without changing him radically and reducing his cast to three people. THREE! Nothing is going to happen! We’re didn’t get that unmasking story. The readers ARE going to get another costume change in a few months just like this past month in FF. Yes, FF. The book I thought about finding a copy of until I realized they stuck Spider-man in that issue two. Worst yet, the Spider-man in this book is blank and devoid of character. he’s the guy that doesn’t believe in responsibility and changes the universe so his poor undead aunt can be kept alive for another five minutes. It is the character of the worst comic book of all time and I miss the old Spider-man that actually was worth something.

I’ll read Avengers and other stuff even if Spider-man is in those comics because I still love Marvel damnit. They haven’t taken that away.

All bitching and whining aside…..Spider-Man is an amazing read and Dan Slott has been hitting it out of the park every issue!

Yay, just like Batman: No Man’s Land! Another original story from the House of Ideas!

i wonder who gets powers would not mind randy getting some so he could give phil a beatdown.

Pablo da Diablo

March 22, 2011 at 11:01 pm

maybe this is the “fate altering event” hinted at in the final issue of Spider Girl.

So when does Batman show up?


Totally agree with Doug Ramsey. Spider-man changes the universe so his poor undead aunt can be kept alive for another five minutes. Joe Quesadilla totally ruined the character. MARVEL NEEDS A 100 PERCENT RE-BOOT, I and most fans could give two shits about the Crisis on Infinite earths comparison. TOSS IT ALL AND START AGAIN, JOE BLOW QUESADILLA DESTROYED IT.

Could be interesting, could be could. I could care more but eh, whatever I guess.

But it’s nice to see thanks to the art that Spider-Man is going to have to solve all of this with a broken freakin’ neck!

“Could be good” I mean, stupid after work brain.

Wow you guys like to bitch and moan.

Yes One More Day was terrible. We know that but there were many amazing arcs in the thrice monthly era.

Not to mention since Big Tme has been the best Spidey has been in years (and I’ve been reading since the Clone Saga). I bet most of you have dismissed it without giving it a go.

Grow up and get over it. Jesus.

The Mad Monkey

March 23, 2011 at 3:39 am

How and why is Humberto Ramos still getting work?
Oh…wait…it’s Marvel…

Googam son of Goom

March 23, 2011 at 4:06 am

What’s worse people who “bitch and Moan” as Capey so graciously describes other peoples criticism and opinion or people who “bitch and moan” about other peoples “bitching and moaning”. It’s funny that the rants that tell people to “grow up” are usually the most juvenile of sorts.

I didn’t read Spider-man since 1984 and started again just after One More Day being attracted by the John ROmita Jr art and the green Goblin stories. I truly enjoyed the new stories for a while. I like Dan Slott’s writing but inevitably the residue of this One More Day garbage just stunk up the joint to the point I can’t stomach Spider-man these days. It’s too bad since there was a time he was once my favourite comic book hero. I still enjoy Avengers and a few other Marvel offers but poor Spidey only really exists as nostalgia for me.

I’m curious. How well do the books sell in comparision to other marvel offerings?

Spider-Man meh.
I have such a huge crush on Blair Butler. If I wasn’t married and living on the opposite side of the country, I would love to buy her a panini.

Why? So now some of the supporting cast will be Spider-man powered. Do we change the name to Amazing Spider-people? Seriously though, why does Marvel deem it necessary to make the supporting cast in its books pale imitations of the core hero? Look:


General Ross–Red Hulk
Betty Banner (Ross)–Red She Hulk
Rick Jones–A-Bomb (Blue Hulk)

Iron Man….

Pepper Potts–Rescue (female Iron Man)
James Rhodes–War Machine (Iron Man 2.0)

and now Spider-man

Flash Thompson–Venom
and whoever is going to be Spider-powered.

I think its silly and takes away from the title hero being unique. DC is doing the same thing more or less with Batman and for awhile they were doing it with Superman too.

Its really silly to make all the supporting casts superheroes as well as the main hero. Its also way overused now, imho.


The books are still selling pretty well. Sure it’s not 70K per issue, but it’s still 100K of ASM a month.

The complaint about the “bitching and moaning” is fair when people start name-calling creators (Joe Quesadilla up top) or they don’t actually follow the ongoing series. I’m not saying you have to buy every issue, but you can’t make a valid judgement on the book if you’re not reading it. You can’t critique Slott’s writing if you’re not reading the book. You CAN say you don’t like the direction. That’s fine. If you don’t there are thousands of other books out there that you can take a bite out of without having to crash every Spider-man post to complain about OMD. OMD happened years ago and people are still complaining. There’s nothing wrong with that persay, but complaining in every post? Come back in a few years when things will change back to the old status quo. It’s that simple.


To be more specific, here are the sales since Big Time started.

11/10 #648 – 79,714 (+42.8%)
11/10 #649 – 55,515 (-30.4%)
12/10 #650 – 58,909 ( +6.1%)
01/11 #651 – 56,749 ( -3.7%)
01/11 #652 – 52,050 ( -8.3%)

The sales were already in the 50K since last February with bumps and slides here or there.

The ripoff is more like Batman: Contagion that lead into Batman: Cataclysm, which itself leads into No Man’s Land – the after effects of the earthquake

Finally, I fail to see how this is the same story as No Man’s Land, considering that story wasn’t about everybody in a major city getting spider-powers, which is the crux of this particular tale. That’s like saying Spider-man is a copy of Batman since they both fight crime in the city.


That’s a better comparison but still not right.

@Justsaying – those were some great Batman stories – esp Contagion and NML – there were so many talented creators! ;)

I personally like Ramos’ art. And while I’m not reading Spiderman at the moment (to expensive to have to buy all 3 at $4 each) Slott’s She-Hulk was great!

There are only two issues a month now.

Let’s see, last year Marvel had a storyline where a bunch of characters turned onto Hulk-type characters. This year they are doing a storyline where characters get Thor-like powers. Now a storyline where characters get Spider-Man-like powers? What’s next? A storyline where characters start popping claws out of various body parts?

Sounds like Uncanny X-Men’s storyline trapped in Utopia.

@ The Mad Monkey: Thank you! For a while I thought I was the only one that didn’t like his art.

All snark aside, I honestly can’t understand how people can find his work appealing. Especially when you have Marcos Martin as an immediate comparison.


I guess somebody had Internet access during recess.


I totally forgot Hulked-Out Heroes. Haha!

It does seem a bit like retread. At least this times it’s not heroes vs heroes. It’s heroes vs civvies and Shocker.

It’s not actually a copy of any Batman story. Besides, everybody knows Batman is just rehashed old Captain America storylines. I love how Batman Inc is just taking what Millar did in Ultimates 2 several years ago with the various captains from other countries and dragging it out. Flashpoint is a direct rip off of Age of Apocalypse. They’re not even trying to hide it. But with Harris as the new DC editor, I’m sure the rehashing of old Marvel storylines has just started.

Couldn’t buy into the whole NML thing years ago with the Batman titles and this is just as ridiculous.

I have a theory that the people who don’t like Dan Slott’s current run on Amazing Spider-man are the same people who enjoy kicking puppies.

And it’s hilarious that typing puppies generates an ad for Pedigree Dog Food

I guess it easier to give more people super powers by saying they caught the same old Spider-man powers from Spider-man than to have them be Mutants with weird diverse abilities and backgrounds from various regions and cultures. Lazy Marvel is and stupid, Marvel has been ruined for me, I no longer love it or DC which has similarly been ruined.

Cole Moore Odell

March 23, 2011 at 10:45 am

Is that image a storyboard from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark?

Umm. So – is that the Jackal in the second cover? (sorry, I know I’m supposed to be ripping on the story, or defending it, or comparing it to other stories with vague similarities, or bitching about OMD – I thought, just maybe, it would be interesting to talk about the story).

OMG! All I can see here is Dan Slott’s response to the Clone Saga. An army of Spider-people? Why don’t we just bring back the Spider-clones as well?

To the boneheads at Marvel:

ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Honestly. Everything post Brand New Day has been magnificent (with a slight let down with Return of the Black Cat). You guys just need to go along for the ride. I’m looking forward to this even though I don’t like the supporting cast nursing powers. That’s kind of ridiculous. But I’m sure whatever’s in store will be a blast.

Yeah, the new pictures added with all the heroes totally made me think of Hulked Out Heroes – I guess I thought it would be about ordinary people instead.

Although I do like that everyone is wearing a different take on a spiderman costume. Especially that blue hoody! haha…

Why does SPIDER-Woman have to get re-defines as Scarlet Spider-Woman?

Also: Bring back the marriage


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