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Opus struts his — or her — feathers on Fringe

Opus the Peahen

Fans of FOX’s Fringe probably caught this on the show’s most recent episode — an “alternate reality” version of Berkeley Breathed’s “Opus” comic strip. Click on over to see the entire strip, courtesy of IDW’s Chris Ryall.

Much like DC’s comic-book plotlines were a little different in the Fringe reality, so too is Breathed’s famed penguin. For one thing, he’s a peahen — and presumably female — in the topsy-turvy world. Some things do remain the same, though — Paris Hilton gossip is still taser-worthy.



Oh JK… Not a Fringe fan? If you were, you’d likely know the Opus strip was about Lindsay Lohan, not Paris Hilton.

Not a big difference between the two, but still.

Anyhow, anyone missing out on Fringe is missing out on probably the best thing on TV, and well on its way to being one of the great sci-fi shows ever. Although it might be challenging for a newbie to jump in at this point, I recommend it. Get seasons 1 & 2 on DVD or Blu and go from there.

Wait… My apologies, JK. Whether you watch Fringe or not, I see the strip as seen online *does* reference Paris Hilton. On the actual show, it definitely got changed to Lohan. Interesting!

Even more interesting (and cool)… Apparently Berke Breathed’s a Fringe fan!

Well, you did catch me there, Shaun … I haven’t been watching it, although everyone tells me I should. It’s in the back of my mind to add it to my NetFlix queue at some point when I have time to consume it in large chunks.

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