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UPDATED: Quote of the day: More Batman, Inc. delays? (Yanick Paquette says not that he knows of…)

The delays behind [Batman Inc.] are a combination of slowness on Grant and Yanick’s part. Yanick does all of his work on a digital pad and his art process requires a whole lot of lead time that Grant Morrison just doesn’t give him. On the Saturday morning, Grant had just e-mailed Yanick 12 pages of script for issue #5 when Yanick’s deadline for the art is in 1 week…so yeah, expect some more delays for issue 5 unless they get a fill-in artist.’s David Diep, reporting from this past weekend’s Wizard World Toronto convention, on what he learned about the future of DC’s flagship Bat-book, Batman Incorporated—presumably straight from artist and con guest Yanick Paquette himself.

A look at the solicit as posted on DC’s website shows that the book is scheduled for release on April 20. But the company still has it running with a J.H. Williams III cover that was actually used on issue #3 when it finally came out two weeks ago, likely because that issue was originally supposed to come out in January and thus had an “iconic” cover as part of that month’s line-wide cover gimmick, which was obviously no longer in effect. Issue #5 is now slated to run with the cover you see above, also by Williams…who is himself the co-writer/co-artist of the even more delay-plagued Batwoman. On the other hand, the company just signed the prodigiously talented artist Chris Burnham, who made a splash as the co-artist of the climactic Batman & Robin #16 and was already on board to draw Batman Incorporated #4, 6, and 7, to an exclusive contract. So there’s still some joy in Gotham after all.

UPDATE: In the comments below, Paquette himself steps in to clarify, saying that to the best of his knowledge DC hasn’t delayed issue #5 yet, Morrison’s been rock-steady schedule-wise recently, the Williams cover above has always been planned for this issue, and he himself is the one to blame for the schedule hiccups if blame someone we must. He also points out I coulda emailed him to ask him about this stuff, which: fair enough. (In all fairness to me, though, I never said the book was officially delayed, or that the cover above had been created for any other issue.)

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DC seems committed to getting books like Batman Inc back on schedule so I wouldn’t be surprised if they split art duties for issue #5. Pushing back issue 4 in April and then everything else a month later seems like a better idea. Hopefully that would give Grant some time to get ahead on his scripts.

“Grant had just e-mailed Yanick 12 pages of script for issue #5 when Yanick’s deadline for the art is in 1 week…”

This sounds like the same thing he does to Sean Murphy on Joe the Barbarian.

When the writer is to blame, there is no way books will come on time. Especially when fill-in writers are not an option.

This is getting beyond ridiculous with how Grant is holding up comic projects that he’s committed to doing. It’s going to kill momentum of this book and hurt it’s chances of growing. We saw this with Final Crisis, Joe the Barbarian, Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne and other projects. He’s a brilliant writer and I enjoy his work quite a bit, and when his stuff is collected into trade I know I’ll have a steady seller of a book. But for monthly work it’s getting hard to keep readers attention on his stuff.

I couldn’t care less, I’d much rather wait for the book to be done with the creative team that I’m invested in that be duped into picking up a fill-in. That’s happened so much on Detective already with all the non-Dini/Nguyen crap they throw in there every now and then.

Thank gawd I don’t have to “wait” for the writer. That’s lame and just rude to soak up all the lead time and dump on the artist. What an a_hole.

Yanick Paquette

March 22, 2011 at 5:19 pm

What is this! Panic based on wild speculation! Please.

To my knowledge DC didn’t indicate a delay for issue 5 at this point. This Wonderful JH William cover has always been plan for issue 5, along with my alternate one (drawn for month probably unrevealed yet). I’m not that hard to reach, if you guys need a proper accurate public statement.

By the way, for the past few months Grant has been on top of his game schedule wise. If anything I’m to blame for not being the monthly guys you deserve.

Yanick Paquette

The preview art for Chris Burnham looks great. So if he is the fill in artist, I am all for it.

It looks like DC finally have their act together on Batman Inc. Is it this week or next that issue #4 is out? That makes 2 issues for March – and hopefully the same for April! ;)

Now they just need a fill in artist for Finch’s book! haha….

That Burnham guy’s work is in-freaking-credible. So much awesome talent on this book.

C.P. Wilson III

March 24, 2011 at 1:25 pm

Chris Burnham draws an awesome Batman!

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