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Terry Moore announces new series

Kachoo raises a glass to Rachel in a C2E2 commission by Terry Moore

Big news over at CBR, where Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise, Echo) has announced his newest project, Rachel Rising, about a woman who has recently died but isn’t finished with life yet. Kiel Phegley zoomed in and got some details:

“This one will be ongoing because I’m developing a character and a whole world that I want a lot of open possibilities with,” Moore told CBR News. “I’m going for another genre that I love a lot. What I’m doing is that I’m still doing what I do with my character work, but like I’ve added a touch of sci-fi or what have you [to past projects], this one leans towards horror. And it’s not like gory horror or splatter. It’s more like, ‘This is not a town where you want to be on the streets at night.'”

I like it: The sort of horror that makes you uneasy, not grossed out. There’s more at the link, including a brief rundown of the premise of the story.


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This could be really really good. I got on the SiP train with the first issue of the regular series, and the two things that Moore was always the most consistent with (outside of hitting his deadlines) were building characters from the ground up and building suspense by dropping murky hints of things to come. So playing with a larger regular cast could be right up Moore’s alley.

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