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Your other video of the day | Todd McFarlane shows you how to draw a face

Spawn creator Todd McFarlane channels his inner Bob Ross and shows you how to draw a face. This is a third in a series of videos he’s posted; he’s also covered how to draw eyes and how to start a comic page. You can find them all on the McFarlane Companies YouTube page.



Man. Pretty strict on the overbite. Hear that, people with overbites? Do not visit McFarlane at a convention, he will tell you your face is wrong!!

Joking! ;)

Neat instructional video, but SO strict! Drawing should be fun! Experiment with face shapes! Everyone is different! And if everyone’s upper lip stuck out further than their bottom, we never would have had Bubba Blue.

So when is the Rob Leifeld “How To Draw Feet” video coming out?

McFarlane telling me how to draw is like Ray Charles telling me what color to paint my living room.


I guess this means McFarlane absolutely CANNOT draw hellboy.

i’m with you on the pizazz lacking on the video. maybe i just can’t focus on the video because all i can think of is the fact that he’s using windows XP. i hope thats a skin or something.

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