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Alterna Comics to publish revised and improved Plastic Farm

Alterna Comics is publishing a new edition of Rafer Roberts’ Plastic Farm: Sowing Seeds on Fertile Soil, an underground comic that he has been working on since 2000; you can read it online at his Plastic Farm website.

Roberts has been busy lately. He just did a guest strip for Danielle Corsetto’s Girls with Slingshots, which brought an influx of new readers to his site, and his Plastic Farm minicomics (issues 15-17) were nominated for a SPACE prize. In addition, he went back and cleaned up and relettered his old pages for the new book, and he put up a before-and-after set at his site to show what a difference that made. Plastic Farm: Sowing Seeds on Fertile Soil is in the April Previews for a July 1 release.



When is an underground comic not an underground comic?

(I’m just curious, basically, what exactly qualifies something as “an underground comic” in 2011.)

Brigid Alverson

April 20, 2011 at 5:17 pm

Good question, Wraith. I suppose my criteria would be dark or caustically humorous subject matter, distribution outside the usual channels, and black-and-white art. That’s just what I think of when I think of “underground comics. In this case, whoever wrote the press release used that term, and while I probably wouldn’t have thought of it on my own, it did seem to be a good fit with this comic—which has a dark, twisty plot and was originally released as a series of minicomics.

Well-thought-out answer! Thanks Brigid.

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