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Captain Mysterio flies high at Wrestlemania

Rey Mysterio

The WWE’s annual Wrestlemania event brings a lot of questions every year. Who will win the title? Will the Undertaker’s streak be broken? Will Mean Gene appear in another inane sketch? But my favorite in recent years has become … what superhero will Rey Mysterio dress as this year?

And he didn’t let me down. In the past, the masked luchador has worn outfits inspired by the Silver Surfer, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Joker, Flash, Iron Man and the movie Avatar. This year he put on the red, white and blue in an outfit that paid tribute to Captain America. Announcer Michael Cole even made reference to the fact that he could have used a shield in his match against Cody Rhodes. (Note: spoilers at the link for Wrestlemania).

And speaking of Rhodes, his recent storyline is very reminiscent of a super villain: “Once chosen as the most handsome Superstar by the Divas, the vain egoist underwent a jarring personality change when Rey Mysterio busted his perfect features with his knee brace while performing the 619. Now hating the disfigured freak he saw in the mirror, the second-generation competitor donned a mask to hide his shame and went on a brutal warpath, destroying opponents and viciously attacking Mysterio on multiple occasions.” You can see more pictures of the duo on the WWE home page.



Rey’s costumes are always a WrestleMania treat.

My favorite thing that I ever saw this guy was in 1996 when he was ‘lawndarted’ into the side of a trailer. I’m not a wrestling fan, but I remember watching quite a bit of that show that summer and suddenly the industry changed.

It was a great tribute, now if we could just get HHH to put on a Thor costume:)

Rey’s superhero costumes are a tradition/gimmick started by Nova (Mike Bucci) from ECW who has come out as a bunch of heroes, including Ralph from Greatest American Hero. He later wrestled in the WWE as protien powder salesman Simon Dean.

Back in the day, Marvel and the WWE were at odds, not only over the use of “Hulk” in Hogan’s name, but they claimed that “Mr. America”, a masked wrestler that Hogan was posing as in an angle, was too similar to Captain America. Now they likely just keep the costumes just different enough to take the curse off, plus they usually only get used once, and as such may fall under parody.

holy crap, it’s Roscoe!

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