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Comics Characters’ favorite musical artists

Karl Heitmueller Jr. has a great series of Comics Characters’ Favorite Musical Artists. The image above is only half of the fourth installment. You can – and certainly should – also check out Parts One, Two, and Three. Then come back and tell us if you can think of any great combinations that Heitmueller hasn’t done yet.




The Thing digging The Melvins is an unexpected, but appropriate, choice.

“Gid outta here, Johnny, ‘Spread Eagle Beagle’ is ’bout ta come on!”

Fred’s favorite band being Dave Matthews is also pretty genius, because of course Fred’s favorite band is fucking Dave Matthews.

Calvin trying to decide between Sabbath and the MC5 is perfect. And Marvin The Martians pick was pretty obvious.

Doctor Strange as a Mahavishnu Orchestra fan! Good choice!

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