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Creator to watch: Nick Bradshaw

As part of my day, I’m lucky enough to see a metric ton of comic art (I weighed it!), so it takes something special to wow me — but from time to time I come across something new and unexpected.

Take artist Nick Bradshaw.

The piece that grabbed me was this great piece of original art he donated for the Hero Initiative’s 100 New Avengers project (at right). This isn’t the first time I’ve seen his name — but it’s the first time I’ve seen it like this.

Bradshaw came onto the comic scene back in 2004 when he illustrated a miniseries based on the cult movie Army of Darkness. After that he was hand-chosen by J. Scott Campbell to illustrate new tales in Campbell’s signature series Danger GIrl – and with good reason! Much like Campbell burst onto the scene showing shades of Art Adams inspiration, Bradshaw’s line work shown a real appreciation for Campbell’s line.

After that he fell off my radar, but this new piece really threw me for a loop — in a good way. Looking it up, Bradshaw just did the lead story in last month’s Uncanny X-Men Annual #3 — a comic I just asked comic shop to put on hold for me.




Really glad to see you give some props to Nick. I first noticed him when he did some work with Jason Pell back on Zombie Highway and I seem to remember him doing something else with Jason Pell but I can’t quite remember what it was right now.

I’ve seen some recent cover work from Nick and it looks AMAZING! I need to get that new Uncanny X-Men Annual.

I got that X-Men Annual for the art, because it looked like one of the Art Adams Annuals from when I was a kid– read like one too. (It’s probably going to take him a long time to shake the Art Adams comparison, but a lot of guys got that one starting out– including Adams, who I guess everyone compared to Michael Golden when he started out, I guess…). That Avengers cover undersells what he does, though– his stuff is a little better than that…

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