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DC Comics unveils decade-specific logos for Retro-Active

"Retro-Active" 1980s logo

Following DC Comics’ announcement at WonderCon of its Retro-Active one-shots bringing together writers and artists from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, the publisher has unveiled the decade-specific logos for the three series.

Debuting in July, each issue of Retro-Active will feature 26 pages of new content plus 20 pages classic stories reprinted from that era, spotlighting such characters as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and the Justice League of America.

Although DC has yet to announce all of the artists involved, the writers include Dennis O’Neil, Cary Bates, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman, William Messner-Loebs, Mike W. Barr, Louise Simonson (with Jon Bogdanove on ’90s Superman), and Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis (with Kevin Maguire on ’90s Justice League).

“The way [DC Comics] put it was, look at your run back when you were doing Justice League International, find a moment there and tell an untold story,” Giffen told Comic Book Resources. “It’s one last blow-out. It’s one last hoorah for the characters.”

Check out the other two Retro-Active logos below.

"Retro-Active" 1970s logo

"Retro-Active" 1990s logo



Simon DelMonte

April 4, 2011 at 7:00 am

Part of me is very excited by this. To see Bill Loebs back on the Flash – presumably poor, forgotten Wally – and Weezie back on Superman is really nice. Some of these talents are sorely missed. So is the old DC logo of my youth (and early middle age).

Part of me agrees with the assessment by Comic Mix that this is not the thing to propel DC forward from its endless love for Silver Age heroes. Never mind that recent works by Bates, Conway and O’Neil just weren’t all that good.

Is it just me or does the “Retroactive” font for the 1970s logo look more 1980s than 1970s?

Here’s an example of a more 1970s DC Comics ad font…

I miss the 80’s DC Bullet. Nice to it back again! It remains my favorite of the publisher’s various logos.

Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle on Batman. ’nuff said.

I really hope the go and collect all the Retroactive stories into one huge trade.

Where’s the ’60s, ’50s, and ’40s lines? ;-)

An >intense< miscalculation: Treading Water at best.
We see Warner repeatedly bollixing up the movie roll-out of the DCU, now we watch the publishing end wallow around in pointless exercises of nostalgia.
Move this material FORWARD, folks. Lots of intriguing threads left dangling from all the way back with Identity Crisis, not to mention Final Crisis. How about it?

Simon, did you not enjoy Cary Bates’ Last Family of Krypton? I thought it was superb.

April 4, 2011 at 7:28 am

Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle on Batman. ’nuff said.”

Word up on that.

Where’s the Wildstorm retroactive logo?

Joe S. Walker

April 4, 2011 at 9:24 am

All fussy designs with no real sense of period.

I didn’t see Breyfogle, but I’d be all over Grant/Breyfogle. Bonus points if Anarky (the real one) is in it.

Simon DelMonte

April 4, 2011 at 9:45 am

I liked the premise behind Last Family of Krypton but found the sotrytelling style to be a bit stodgy. Too much narration and not enough trusting the art to do the job.

Ed (A Different One)

April 4, 2011 at 10:15 am

That’s really kind of cool – I just hope they can pull it off well.

I’ve been wishing for years that Marvel would do somethign similar – have Roger Stern go back and tell an “untold story” from his run on ASM or Avengers, have Walt Simonson do something similar on Thor, PAD on Hulk, etc., etc., etc. Even if the stories weren’t top notch (though I’d be hoping like hell that they were), people would eat this up and buy tons of copies out of nostaglia if nothing else.

NORM BREFOGLE ON Batman. He and Neal Adams had the best batman anatomy hands down. No Bulky Bats.

“Where’s the ’60s, ’50s, and ’40s lines? ”

Those dudes have all past away I’d imagine. :(

April 4, 2011 at 11:19 am

Great!!!!! Old school creators to work on new school shiiiii… errr… stuff? Like to see Breyogle back.

Like Comics? Like Movies?

Mike W. Barr? I know it won’t be this but … show ‘em what the Outsiders are, Mike!

Norm Breyfogle has announced on his fb page that he’s doing Batman with Alan Grant, also Joe Staton has confirmed he’s doing Green Lantern with Len Wein.

Personally DC can seal the deal for me if they get JL Garcia-Lopez to do Superman in the 70s with Carey Bates and I havent bought a new book in a year and a half.

Looks like Denny O’Neil and Mike Grell will be doing 1970s Green Lantern

This kind of stuff is one of the reasons I like DC more than Marvel, Batman helps.

Giffen/DeMatteis in the JL again, HELL YES!

We need their JLI artist Bart Sears to draw it.

Len Wein on Batman? Look I LOVE “Night of the Wolf” that he did with Neal Adams, BUT the definitive Batman of the seventies was done by Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers with much help from Terry Austin and John Workman. AT THE VERY LEAST, get Englehart back!

Also, what about his work on the JLA? Without his 50’s JLA story – would there be a “New Frontier”.

Get Englehart – give the guy his due!

David D

Just tell me that these stories will be written without DC’s modern cynicism eg. no rapes or disembowelment and I might actually buy them.

Some of these parings look very interesting, but I cannot justify paying the $4 price for each, especially on the heels of Flashpoint.

I wasn’t so excited about this project until I saw these logos (especially #1 & #2). Now I may check out a few. I’m such a sucker for nostalgia.

Looking forward to a few of these:

Alan Grant on Batman – is everyone just hoping for Breyfogle, or was it announced? Because I would love it. (But I could do without Anarky).

Mike W Bar on Batman – his run with Alan Davis was great! And their Outsiders work was amazing!

And of coarse Giffen/DeMatteis on JLI – Maguire on art would make it!

Will wait to see the art teams for the rest. ;)

Yes! Bat Breyfogle! I first cut my teeth on Grant/Breyfogle in Detective.

“Where’s the ’60s, ’50s, and ’40s lines? ”

Those dudes have all past (sic) away I’d imagine.

Not all of them.
Among those who worked for DC…
Steve Ditko
Jim Shooter
Berni Wrightson
Joe SImon
Joe Kubert
Joe Giella
Carmine Infantino
Roy Thomas
Cary Bates
Steve Skeates
Murphy Anderson
Mike Royer
Mark Evanier
Dan Spiegle
Joe SInnott
Herb Trimpe
Barry Smith
Ernie Colon
John Romita, Sr.
Jim Steranko
among others…
All still here!
In the case of a few of them, we’d better hurry…
All were active in the Silver Age or before (though perhaps not for DC), but all did work for DC at one point or another.

JOSE LUIS GARCIA LOPEZ and Carey Bates. Get a great INKER please !

I really hope the Grant/Breyfogle reunion isn’t just wishful thinking and rumors. That is the first thing that popped into my mind when this whole thing was announced. They are easily one of the greatest, and certainly most underrated, teams of all time. Hopefully strong sales will lead to some trade collections of their Batman work from the late ’80s and ’90s.

Jeeeeeeeeezzzzzz !!!!!!!!!

Are you all blind ??

Didnt, I post a few days ago that Norm has confirmed on his facebook page that he’s doing the book with Alan Grant !!!

I’m new to comics for the most part, but I can wager that one of the artists for the 70’s and 80’s ones has got to be Dave Gibbons. His art style is visually similar to some of the classics from those times (well, since he did work on Watchmen in ’86), just look at, for example, the “Super-Soldier: Man-of-War” one-shot he did for the Amalgam comics of ’97. This is what my guess is for some of the teams:

Justice League of America-Cary Bates and Dave Gibbons (maybe imitating Dick Dillin, who was the artist for the title during those years)

Justice League of America-Gerry Conway reuniting with Chuck Patton (since they were the team during the Detroit years) or Gerry Conway with Luke McDonnell (who did the art for the final issues in 1986)

Superman-Marv Wolfman and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Wonder Woman-Roy Thomas and Alan Davis (imitating the artist on Wonder Woman’s title for the mid 80’s)

Great! Can’t wait to read the original Outsiders and Justice League International again!

Would love to see Todd Klein assess these logos. As for the creative teams, anything that has Louise Simonson writing is great news.

“Wonder Woman-Roy Thomas and Alan Davis (imitating the artist on Wonder Woman’s title for the mid 80′s)”

How, or why, would Alan Davis, of all people, imitate Gene Colan or Don Heck?

It’s about time! I’d buy more DC Comics if they were like this! :)

Would loved to have seen Eliot S! Maggin on a ’70s or 80’s Superman book and Steve Englehart on a Batman or Justice League of America book.

Am hoping that Nick Cardy, George Perez, Garcia-Lopez, and Ernie Chan will be doing covers for the books.

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