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If your last trip through airport security was bad, at least you aren’t Wolverine

Threadless revisits the age-old question of how Wolverine gets through airport security (which, IIRC, Chris Claremont once addressed by providing Logan the proper papers), which seems to have a bit more topical relevance nowadays. The T-shirt costs $20 on the site; I’d suggest wearing it locally vs. on your next trip, as some TSA agents might not find it funny.



Larry Hama tackled it too …

Yeah, the one I’m thinking of was an earlier, less dramatic one … one where he pulls out paperwork and says he has metal inside of him from an old war wound or something like that. I can still picture the panel, but I can’t remember where it appeared.

It was from the second Cockrum run, around #160 or so.

It was a pretty funny moment: Storm is in a quiet panic, thinking “Oh shit, Wolverine’s about to go all mental again,” and Logan just pulls out his papers and says something along the lines of “Here you go, sir.”

The story’s really dated from a tech standpoint. Not only is the extent of the metal detector’s sensitivity basically limited to “there is some metal somewhere on your person” (hardly a full body scan), but the X-Men are infiltrating the Pentagon to delete their files from the US’s computers, which can apparently only be done on site, in person. (This was pre-“War Games”…)

In Palmiotti, Gray and Lisner’s Wolverine/Black Cat: Claws book they also had a scene like this…if I recall correctly, Wolverine had Emma Frost do some sort of long range psychic whammy on the metal detector guys to let him through, which she did, after messing with Wolverine for a while…

lol love the look of wolverine knowing he is now going due to the admantium in his body going to get a cavity search and a similar scene did happen the issue mentioned where the x-men went to the pentagon to delete their files in fact wolverine told the guard old war wounds he had some of his body replaced by metal prostetics plus also where they first ran into Rogue

The new X-men Anime takes this on as well

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