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Infestation: Outbreak | Meet Britt


And here we are with the third teaser image from IDW for Infestation: Outbreak, the follow-up to the recent Infestation crossover series. Britt joins Cross and Nikodemus on the team.

The book, due in June, is co-written by Chris Ryall and Tom Waltz, with art by David Messina. The series will feature covers by Messina and Davide Furno, with a special retailer incentive cover for issue #1 by Ben Templesmith.



I first thought “Brit”…the Kirkman character, and instead got Brit’s sister, Britney…and then realized that this was IDW and not related to the Invincible universe at all and got more confused…

KEEK-rist! Do her tits need to be THAT big?

Good Lord, how does she keep that posture?!

Giant tits aside, does that costume remind anyone else of Hitch’s Ultimates costume designs (from volume 1 and 2)?

Looking forward to tomorrow’s article about Kirkman suing the ass off IDW….

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