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Kate Beaton’s ‘Lois Lane, Badass Reporter’

This has gotten around the Internet pretty well, but just so there’s no excuse for anyone not to have seen it: Kate Beaton’s series of Lois Lane comic strips does a really good job of showing how cool that character should be. There are only two explanations for Lois’ never figuring out that Superman was Clark: a) she was too dumb to put it together; b) she was too busy to care. I know which option DC continuity endorses, but I also know which one I prefer.

Beaton admits to not having read a lot of Lois Lane comics, but that’s probably for the best. Her interpretation is based instead on Lois and Clark, old Fleischer cartoons, and Dean Trippe’s unpublished Lois Lane, Girl Reporter pitch.



Those are completely awesome.

this is idiotic! How could any reporter worth their beans not care who Superman was! The most powerful being on the planet, the protector of Earth? It would be worse than, say, the New York Times getting a tip about Watergate and not following it up.
Yes it’s a silly comic book conceit to think a pair of glasses can change one’s appearance so drastically … but that applies to everyone in metropolis, not just lois. (also the point of superman/clark is that he’s humble, not some arrogant jerk).
by dulling lois’ reportorial instincts, this version of lois lane is dumber than the official comic book one…

The concept of comedy and parody are lost on some people.

This is one of those things that people say is funny because a lot of male comic book fans go out of their way to embrace any halfway amusing thing that is pro-feminist, as a way to prove they aren’t chauvinist pigs. I mean, it’s okay and all, but hardly worth spotlighting in a post. There are a ton of funnier, more linkworthy things out in the blogosphere.

no, this is once of those things that people say is funny because it is funny.

Going to have to go with nicholas on this one. Perhaps it’s just because I enjoy Kate Beaton’s sense of humor.

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