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Law & Order: Criminal Intent targets Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

The troubled Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has been investigated by the New York State Department of Labor, lampooned by Saturday Night Live and savaged by critics. And now the $70 million musical is about to endure Law & Order‘s ripped-from-the-headlines treatment.

TVLine reports that an upcoming episode of NBC’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent will center on “a high-flying, fast-crashing show” called Icarus, whose director is described in the casting breakdown as “high-strung and larger-than-life,” and “a born-again drunk.”

However, while ousted Spider-Man director Julie Taymor oversaw the production when four actors were injured — a fifth was hurt after her firing — her television counterpart will be at the helm when a performer is murdered. Of course, Taymor isn’t the only person cast in an unflattering light (this is the Law & Order franchise, after all): The episode also features a rock-star composer named Arno who’s secretly bisexual and cheating on his wife.

There’s no word yet on when the CI episode will air. Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark — the real one — is on hiatus through May 12 while a new creative team, led by Philip William McKinley, makes sweeping changes to the show. Opening night is scheduled for June 14.




For once the L&O episode is less over the top than the real thing

Ummm wasn’t Law&Order:CI canceled? This sounds fishy. Then again the Spiderman Musical should be stopped as it was a bad idea to start with.

@RealityCheck: It was renewed for another season, if the commercials on the USA Network are to be believed. It’s not on NBC, though: that might be where the confusion comes from.

Show this on L&O: SVU if you want people to actually watch it.

Whenever they plan to air the episode they should continually DELAY the premiere, like they did w/the real thing! :-P

Apparently terrible things go great together.

Most of the stuff about Spider-man over the past five years makes me depressed. the Amazing comic book with it’s bizarre magical ressurections and false promises. The reboot of the movies. This monstrosity. Look what they did to Doc Ock in the book. It’s horrendous. Does that thing even talk. It’s just a gob of flesh. Lame!

I don’t find this amusing. It’s just a confirmation of the destruction of the character.

Hey Kevin, being bisexueal is seen as an “unflattering” trait?

“Hey Kevin, being bisexueal is seen as an “unflattering” trait?”

I think its the “cheating on his wife” part that did it…

“Hey Kevin, being bisexueal is seen as an “unflattering” trait?”

It might be if you’re the self-styled Messiah.

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