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Your video of the day | Little Thor spoofs Little Vader Volkswagon ad

Kevin already posted this at our sister blog, Spinoff, but I figure it’s worth sharing in case anyone missed it there:

Marvel spoofs the Darth Vader Volkswagon ad from this year’s Super Bowl, sharing several little Easter Eggs with fans in the ad — see if you can find them all.



Is funny.

Dog is Loki, mug is Stark and license plate says Asgard.

Am I the only one out here who would like to see “Adventures in Babysitting” get some of the Thor attention?

So, does Marvel come up with anything original anymore, or just sit back and wait for clever people to do all the work?

I’m tickled that it was a GIRL in the Thor outfit.

I loved that there was a Thor action figure in the background on the bed. Very awesome stuff!

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