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Marvel teases something called ‘Vengeance’


As David Brothers noted in his report from the “Welcome to the X-Men” panel at WonderCon this weekend, Marvel is starting to tease something called “Vengeance.”

And although he didn’t share any details on exactly what the project is, Marvel’s Agent M did post the images on his blog this week — above we have some sort of rendition of Nighthawk, and after the jump you can find someone who looks like a teenage In-Betweener.



Update: And as Rich noted below, there’s also Stacy X … which Agent M has also posted.



Mr. Negative and Justin Biebers son on the bottom.

Whose the artist of that? It looks like Samnee, but I’m not familiar enough with his work to be sure.

Ugh, more Flashpoint tie-ins?

(yes, I’m j/k)

That’s the Joaquin Pennyworth version of Nighthawk from Joe Casey’s LAST DEFENDERS mini-series.

Hahaha justin beiber and mr. Negative..funny stuff

Could be an uncolored Elixir.

Huh, I’d forgotten about The In-Betweener, my first thought was of that old Star Trek episode.

“He is white on the right side! All his people are!”

Definitely not Samnee. Chris could outdraw whoever did that with both hands tied behind his back. And cut off.

Rollo Tomassi

April 6, 2011 at 7:11 pm

Is this that thing they were trying to hype during Cup’o’Joe and nobody in the audience took the bait?

Oy, Nighthawk definitely needs a costume revamp, but this odd hybrid of the original Squadron Supreme Nighthawk and the 616 version is fugly. And is the kid the In-Betweener’s bastard son?

Bleeding Cool ran a piece last week with the Stacy-X Vengeance shot from the presentation. Google it…

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