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Mash-up to end all mash-ups: “Angry Birds of Prey”

Mash-ups have become a staple of modern culture. From the mash-ups of music albums to movies and virtually anything else. But I think this here might be the best comic mash-up yet.

Angry Birds of Prey.

Created by Ryan Sohmer and Tyler Walpole for Sohmer’s The Gutters webcomic series, it’s a great idea in theory but Walpole’s expert art here really shoots it over the top.

If you’ve not reading The Gutters, you’re missing out — it’s the closest thing the comics industry has gotten to editorial cartoons focused on our medium.



Beats the living hell out of the gag I came up with this morning ; Ernie Korvacs

++ for Oracle seated in the slingshot.

You said it, Squashua. That puts this over the top into extra-awesome territory. What a hoot. :-)

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