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Rob Granito will talk about tiger blood, being a liar … for the right price

Joker by Ty Templeton + Joker by Rob Granito

“Artist” Rob Granito is making waves again this week. As Kevin noted last week, he’s the guy who “for several years has traced other artist’s work — everyone from Ty Templeton to David Finch to Arthur Adams — and passed it off as his own on eBay and at conventions. In addition, his list of fake credits includes everything from Calvin & Hobbes to Batman to Iron Man 2.” Check out Legit-o-mite for a very thorough list of the guy’s offensive behavior.

He was called out, both on the web and in person by creators Mark Waid and Ethan Van Sciver at Mega Con a couple of weeks ago. Reportedly he’s been banned from a number of conventions.

You’d think after all the negative publicity he’s received, the guy would want to find the nearest rock, crawl under it and hope that maybe someday the comics industry and the internet would forget about him. But, no.

As artist Ty Templeton, Bleeding Cool and The Comics Cube report, his agent/wife is sending out an email comparing Granito to Charlie Sheen, saying he “has gotten more attention and caused more talking amongst his detractors and his fans than any other comics professional!” She’s also offering him up for interviews, if … the price is right. For $150, he’ll do a 20-question email interview; for $200, he’ll do a phone interview; and for the bargain price of $250, you can get him for an hour on the phone or Skype:

We assure you Rob Granito will live up to his interview commitments. We guarantee candid, explanatory revelations. Rob Granito proved he shook up the world in March 2011! Now watch him light up the Spring comics schedule. “I will keep going to conventions”, he says. Also, why did Bleeding Cool decide to break the Rob Granito story out of nowhere? Why was it pursued with such a fever? “There is more there that you dont know about”, says Rob.

In the words of one of my Robot 6 peers, “That’s some freaking impressive filth.”



The Coolest Dad

April 7, 2011 at 10:41 am

Honestly, who cares?

There’s more that we don’t know about? That’s right, I’m sure it’s all a conspiracy against you.

I wonder which artist’s answers he will recite if paid for an interview.

I blame Jay Didillo.

Pathetic. I guess this shouldn’t surprise anyone though. The guy has been hustling money from people for years; makes since that he’d want to turn this whole ordeal into a couple of hundred bucks.

I really hope no one pays him.

I would hope that no one pays him, but for a couple of c-notes, someone will to rake in tons of hits on their site with the “interview”.

Hahaha he’ll keep doing conventions? Which conventions will have him???

Damn those are dirt cheap rates. I’d figure a Charlie Sheen wannabe could tack at least another 0 on to those numbers. Talk about devaluing yourself. ;)

First time commenting on this: Why is everyone (including the “comics press”) wasting their time still paying attention to this fraud? It’s pointless beyond even morbid amusement.

I’m just here for the defecations of character. I’ve always enjoyed the spectacle of watching debris fall.

Can I pay for the interview with a counterfeit bill?

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