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Thieves steal sign marking Superman’s Cleveland birthplace

Home of Superman historical marker

A historical marker near the Cleveland home where a teenage Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created Superman has been stolen.

The likely culprits, The Plain Dealer reports, are scrap-metal thieves who mistook the plaque for bronze because of its coloring. It’s actually made of aluminum.

The sign was installed by the city at the intersection of St. Clair Avenue and East 105th Street in 2003, the 65th anniversary of the release of Action Comics #1. The nearby house where the Siegel family lived until 1950, and where the young collaborators dreamed up the Man of Steel, was restored in 2008 through efforts spearheaded by the nonprofit Siegel and Shuster Society. Two larger markers created by that group hang on a fence outside the Glenville neighborhood home.

If there’s a silver, or aluminum, lining to the theft, it’s that it provides officials with the opportunity to make a correction on the replacement: Siegel’s last name was misspelled on one side of the original marker.



I was waiting for this to happen, in honesty. The area where Jerry lived is riddled with crime, and signs outside nearby homes tell thieves not to both coming in cause there aren’t even any copper pipes to steal.

Are we taking bets that replacing the sign won’t be high on the city’s agenda, and we’ll have to have a whip round to pay for a new one?

Sorry Cleveland but Metropolis, Illinois, is the hometown of Superman.

Don’t worry, Vinnie — the same fans who whine and complain about Siegel and Shuster’s heirs will gladly step up for a sign.

Actually Smallville, Kansas is the hometown of Superman. Also Metropolis, Illinois was named that and until a guy came there and asked why they had no affiliation with Superman did they begin doing things for Superman, such as the celebration. It says so in the back of the events calendar.

My guess here is someone who is pi$$ed off about the whole Superman renouncing his citizenship since the press had to go and blow it all out of proportion there are people out there who are really angry about this I have been reading about it all day.

Metropolis, Illinois, may enjoy the fame created by Superman comics … but it was created in CLEVELAND, OHIO.

Superman is a Buckeye.

Technically, Superman (Kal-el, Clark Kent) was born on Krypton. The birthplace reference is for the creation of Superman as a superhero character. Now quit trying to be politically correct and enjoy the theft.

Well…. if Supes existed…….. those thieves wouldn’t be… ehehh…..

Who mistakes aluminum for bronze? They’re in a completely different weight class.

I wonder if this theft has to do with DC’s latest story arc of Superman renouncing his US Citizenship!

Superman was an american, when he renounced his us citizenship, he forgot what a american is.
we disagree and talk about everything, a president saying he should not do something that he wanted to do,
he could do it or not he was a american. by renouning his being a american he be came a shame.
He understands nothing about being a american. We disagree, we fight for our ideas, we yell at whats wrong, we together try to lead the world to a better place, We belive in us. thats what an american is.
we don’t want to kill people anywhere. We do! but we wish we did not. we hope for a better world where everone is safe, and well. we are not hard hearted, and kill because we can, being a world police is hard.
we fight little men who want everyone to bow to them. we sometime make big mistakes. we hope we learn and get better. But superman was our idea of what a good american should be, we made him someone to be like. moms said superman would do whats right, so he became a roll model. now he he not a american.
i will never buy a superman comic again. truth, justice and the american way.
the american way means we get together and find a way by vote and the peoples will. we do or not do by our will, goverment can not force us to do what we do not want to do here, other places can but not here.
superman is not super any more he is a man with out a country.
and with out my respect.

he gave up being american over what? nothing!! do moms whos son and dauthers die in wars give up their citizenship? No They know the loss of their children was made for all of us. sometimes in not so clear reasons, but their children stood up for america. go to HeXX Krptonman we don’t need ya.

your new name Kryptonman.

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