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Unseen precursor to Charles Schulz’s Peanuts unearthed by family friend

The latest in a long line of historical comic-related auctions is coming up at Heritage Auctions‘ next event –a never-before-seen pre-Peanuts comic strip by Charles Schulz. Here it is:

Created in the late 40s between Schulz’ first work Li’l Folks and the debut of Peanuts in 1950, it contains characters that bear more than a passing resemblance to future Peanuts stars Charlie Brown and Snoopy. The artwork is being offered by the family of the late Frieda Rich, a lifelong friend of Schulz who served as the inspiration for the Frieda character with the famous “naturally curly hair.”

This will be one of many pieces that’ll hit Heritage Auctions’ auction block on May 5, and the organizers expect this piece to bring more than $20,000 alone.



why it so tiny

$20,000 doesn’t sound wrong to me. Someone paid more than that much for Madonna’s bra. I think that an early work from one of America’s greatest cartoonists sounds kind of reasonable.

Wow it’s in French even ;)

I get my laughs!

Wow! Newly Discovered Carles Shultz Pre- 1950 Artwork?!?! This Should Command Serious Art / Cartoonists Investors Very Big Bucks! Somebody Let @batspeed29/ Twitter Know What Final Price Of This Item… Less Auctioners Pad/Commission – i.e. “REAL VALUE” #fact

Think God for this very rare Charlie Brown tiny strip we never saw that one before, but well done it will make Schulz’s son Craig proud.

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