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Darwyn Cooke cooking up a return to DC Comics?

During a panel at last weekend’s Boston Comic Con, Darwyn Cooke let slip the first details of a new project that will send comic readers reeling. According to iFanboy‘s Josh Flanagan, Cooke said that the cartoonist is working on a secret project that will “be the biggest thing I’ve ever done at DC.”

For the past few years Cooke has been working mostly on the adaptations of Donald Westlake’s Richard Parker series of novels for IDW, but this news has people reviewing Cooke’s biggest project to date at DC and wondering what could eclipse it like the artist stated. That previous project would be 2004’s DC: The New Frontier, a six-issue miniseries telling a silver age story of the Justice League in a manner akin to the seminal 1980s film The Right Stuff. That series, collected numerous times and eventually adapted into an animated movie, garnered Cooke numerous awards, including an Eisner for “Best Limited Series.”

As for what the project could be, speculation is rampant. Me personally, I’d love to see him spearhead a “New Frontier” line of comics with him, J. Bone, Evan Shaner, Dean Trippe and others. Let’s wait and see what Darwyn Cooke has to offer!

For more of Cooke’s future plans, including details of a creator-owned digital comic he’s working on, check out our own Brigid Alverson’s interview with him from the Boston Comic Con.



I was at that panel. He didn’t seem all to anxious to revisit the New Frontier stuff. In fact, he said that there have been a few occassions where he has pitched something new to DC and they turn it down and annoyingly ask “How about a sequel to New Frontier?”

Frank Tieri (whom moderated the panel) also agreed that the project in question was “huge”.

I’m thinking literally.

Biggest as in something in Wednesday Comics 2.

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