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Gotham Guardians forums in Batman Inc. look kind of familiar

Artist Chris Burnham seems to be having some fun with the comic book internet in this week’s Batman Inc. #6. Not only did ComicsAlliance contributor Chris Sims’ corpse make a cameo, but so did, apparently, Comic Book Resources’ community forums:

I haven’t read the issue yet, so thanks to Stephen and James for the tip off. Now I’m going to go change my icon to Gloop and Gleep.




Simon DelMonte

May 12, 2011 at 11:14 am

I dropped this series, deciding, quite frankly, that it was just not worth the money when I know I can find it in the library in less than a year (and possibly sooner, since I know at least two libraries that carry individual comics). As much as I love some of Grant’s Batwork, sometimes it’s just incomprehensible.

So naturally, while killing some time at an LCS, I start skimming this issue. And suddenly it’s really good for the first time since Bruce came back. I didn’t break down and buy it, but maybe Grant does have a plan.

So I haven’t been reading Batman Inc, but I do love that once Secret Warriors ends, Batman will continue the war with Leviathan.

This was a fantastic issue.

Mwahaha! I loves it!

Was it just the way the artist draws him or has Bruce Wayne just straight up lost his marbles this issue… I mean in a good way of course.

Bruce’s eyebrows look like a batsignal.

little kone-l

May 12, 2011 at 2:27 pm

The Coolest thing is that, since you have no idea who I am, I could be Batman. Or you could be Batman. Or even Jonah Weiland may be Batman.

This is why comic books are so cool.

“Batman Inc.” is by far the best Batman title, bar none. If you’re not reading it, do.

(anxiously awaiting “Batwoman”)

Wow, DC finally does something intentionally humorous and with good effect. Thank Grant Morrison.

The newly re-Americanized Superman in denial and a recent Guy Gardner Emerald Warriors panel weren’t even the tip of the iceberg. Thanks Bob Harras for those.

Forums, sites and podcasts have been dropped in for years now. I guess better late than never?

CBR Forums have been seen in other comics, too. There was a Marvel Comic years ago, that I’m forgetting the name of right now, and IDW had CBR’s Forums featured on the cover of their Weekly World News #2 comic:

casual comics reader

May 12, 2011 at 5:53 pm

Good grief! This looks like crap!

One thing I was EXCITED to see in the issue was Melbourne, Australia!! WooHoo! – thats where I live! ;)

They even included Crown Casino and everything!! It was fun to see!! ;)

Although I could’ve done without the stereo typical Aborigine. Why must every Australian character either be Aborigine or a Steve Irwin type…..

Because Aborigines have been getting the shaft for…I dunno… centuries?

Indeed. One could say he’s gone batshit crazy.

@Monti – What are you talking about? Comics?!? or life in general(which I somehow think is the case)?!? I don’t think you know what your talking about. There is so much preferential treatment going on that its racist against anyone who isn’t an Aborigine.

@ThePotatoPope – Man, your comment made me lol! XDDDDD

I liked the aboriginal reveal, thought it worked great! Was nice to see a familiar forum in the issue!

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