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Green Lantern ‘stand-up thrill coaster’ debuts today

Green Lantern roller-coaster

With less than a month until the opening of the Warner Bros. movie, Six Flags Great Adventure today premieres its 15-story Green Lantern roller-coaster — excuse me, stand-up thrill coaster — in Jackson, New Jersey. Season pass holders get an exclusive preview through Sunday, with the ride opening to the general public on May 25. That is, as long as the rapture doesn’t arrive on Saturday, throwing a wrench into the rollout.

Designed by the engineers behind the DC Comics-themed Bizarro, Superman-Ultimate Flight and the unimaginatively named Batman the Ride, Green Lantern reaches speeds of 63 miles per hour, and features a 121-foot-tall loop.

Check out video of the ride after the break. The Green Lantern movie, which stars Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Mark Strong, opens on June 17.


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They tore down The Great American Scream Machine for this one. :(

I hope it lives up to the Scream Machine’s legacy. Fingers crossed! And FYI, it’s not a new coaster per se. They moved it from what used to be Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom where it was known as Chang. So if you’re from the Kentucky area you may have rode on Green Lantern!

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