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Holy Hi-Tops, Batman!

Journeys is selling Converse All Star Hi-Tops featuring a selection of DC superheroes for $60. Fans can choose between Superman, Batman, Green Lantern (in two styles, one featuring other members of the Corp), The Flash and The Joker.

Which would you get? Or would you rather hold out for another character?



Probably wouldn’t get any, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Wonder Woman. When I was six, I had Wonder Woman sneakers and they were my favorites. I remember I was so sad when I had to retire them.

Those are awesome. And I loves me some Converse high tops. But sixty bucks? Really? I guess I’ll stick with the plain old black ones.

(And I’d totally want Batman. But one of Breyfogle’s more stylized images of Batman swinging over Gotham. Or maybe a really abstract Stelfreeze image. I think those would look cooler on shoes.)

I’d totally get the Flash ones if they’d help the six-year-old me run faster.

Get back to me when there is a Lieutenants Marvel shoe.

— MrJM

Mysterious Stranger

May 26, 2011 at 8:53 pm

I picked up the Hal GL shoes for my birthday last summer. I only wear them for special occasions (like conventions) as they aren’t comfortable at all. I threw some Dr. Scholl’s insoles in them to add a little support. But man do they look really cool. I might have to get that other GL pair before SDCC so I have a complete set of GL shoes.

It’s amazing how long it took to come up with official Flash running shoes.

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