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If you only read one new DC comic on Aug. 31, it HAS to be …

Flashpoint #5

Flashpoint #5. Because that’s the only DC Comic coming out that day.

Here’s what the solicitation text, released today by DC on their Source blog, says:”The war between the Amazons and the Atlantians has arrived. The battles between Diana of Themsycira and Emperor Aquaman will tear this world apart – unless The Flash can fix it! IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of its impact on the DC Universe, FLASHPOINT #5 is the only title that DC Comics is currently soliciting to arrive in stores on August 31.”

I plan to be reading it, as the first issue really hooked me in what was probably the first Barry Allen story I ever really cared about, except for maybe the Crisis on Infinite Earths issue where he died. I’ll talk some more about it in our What Are You Reading? feature this weekend, but this particular first issue was a winner in my book.

But I wonder what could possibly happen in the final issue that has DC pushing everything else off the schedule?



That’s ridiculous. What are they expecting to do, make more money off of Flashpoint?

It wasn’t that long ago that DC’s books were scheduled by the first, second, third and fourth week of the month, and when there was a fifth Wednesday in the month, they had nothing to release…so they started running one-week events during that Fifth Week. Guess what August 31 is?

I believe that in this issue, everything changes.

Signal Watch
May 13, 2011 at 1:11 pm

I believe that in this issue, everything changes… back.


It seems like a lot of storylines in the DCU titles are wrapping up in August (minus Batman Inc?). Something crazy is about to happen…

Yeah, agreeing with Kelson. When I saw Aug 31st, I immediately thought that’s not an all too terribly strange thing to do on a fifth Wednesday.

BEFORE 2004 (Identity Crisis, to be specific) that cover would have been an instant buy for me. Now? Not so much.

Regarding the idea that Flashpoint might leave permanent changes: Does DC REALLY need another mass retcon? Wasn’t Infinite Crisis’ in 2006, only 5 years ago?

About the only thing that needs correcting is Countdown to Final Crisis (and its miniseries).

Countdown to Final Crisis? What’s that?

Oh please. Gimmick. Gimmick. Gimmick. They all go on and on and on. Elseworlds. Does not matter. Now they changing? To what? The same thing? So here we go Geoff retcons again …

So many whingers……

I’m really pleased about this 2 issue 4th month. Now I realise why all the minis are only 3 issues – Although having some start next week would of been great! ;) And the other good thing – or GREAT THING I should say. I think this actually means we won’t have a Kubert delay?!? I am in SHOCK! Because I was totally expecting it! So instead of 5 issues in 6 or 7 (or 12!….haha) months, we get it in 4 months!!!

Looks like you might be getting your act together DC!

And speaking of those 5th week events – some of those were great! Would love to see them return. Try out some of their B,C,D … etc list characters with a one shot!

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again:

DC: Take a LONG break from big events, PLEASE!!!!!!! At least after Flashpoint is over!!!!!!! Take a LONG, LONG break from doing these!!!!!! Maybe rework the rules for when you do events!!!!! Like making them only every FOUR years, a la the Olympics!!!!!!

Anyone here agree???????

“IMPORTANT NOTE: Because of its impact on the DC Universe, FLASHPOINT #5 is the only title that DC Comics is currently soliciting to arrive in stores on August 31.”

Apparently I’m the only one who interpreted that differently. I think the fact that it says “currently soliciting” and not “releasing” means that this won’t be the only title released that week. It’s just the only one that we know about for now.

WHy does this matter, except as a clue that DC plans something major next? Does it bother people when comics are important?

Way to screw the retailers. Not every DC fan reads Elseworlds stories. And how many times has both DC AND Marvel said the same last line – this will change everything – that changes nothing.

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