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Ouch! Upper Deck chops up vintage comics to make trading cards [UPDATED]

In a move that most likely is causing comics collectors almost physical pain, the trading-card company Upper Deck is cutting out panels from old, rare Marvel comics to make trading cards for their Marvel Beginnings series.

The cards are made from actual panels of vintage comics such as Amazing Spider-Man #2. The Marvel Ultimate Collection Panel Focus insert cards, as they are called, will be the rarest cards in the set, at one per case. The series also includes sketch and autograph cards by a raft of creators, including Stan Lee, Mark Waid, Kurt Busiek, and Brian Michael Bendis; these will occur with a frequency of one per box.

The question is whether it would be worth some entrepreneur’s while to buy up all the cards, pull out the panel focus cards, and piece together their own Frankenstein-like copy of Amazing Spider-Man #2. Probably not, but it’s fun to think about.

UPDATE: ICv2 has the list of comics used.



Interesting…I knew a guy who bought old silver/golden age comics that were pretty damaged and adhered them to the back of a door. I thought about doing a coffee table like this.

Charles H. Bryan

May 10, 2011 at 9:43 am

Sacrilege! Utter sacrilege! Well, I hope they used damaged copies. Jeez.

I hope they used damaged copies too. But the bright side for people who own copies of the vintage comics Upper Deck use for this is that, with these copies being taken out of the market, the value of the remaining ones may go up.

Good on Upper Deck. As long as Marvel has a way to reprint the comics at will, I’d rather see an original be unreadable because someone chopped it up into neat little cards than because some nerd hermetically sealed it in plastic.

Josh you said “hermetically” on a comic blog, you are so much a self-loathing nerd.

Nah man, this is one of the few instances where *I’m* not the nerd I’m loathing. Don’t be a hater just ’cause I’m bringing the ten-dollar (four dollars if in VG or Fine condition) words. :)

I guess you have you’re own definition of nerd.


It’s not nerdy to have good language skills.

It’s totally nerdy to correct peoples’ grammar, and people find it VERY annoying when you do. I know that for a fact because it totally pisses off my friends every time I do

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